Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I've been derailed

Er, wait, is that right?

After months of everything hurting (and most things still not feeling great), being advised against doing the majority of the things I love doing (hello, running), and just generally letting myself go, how in the world do I get back on track?

I've been cleared to bike, swim, and do short stints on the elliptical.  But now that I am ok'd to do that I don't even want to.  I am still sore and I am always tired.  And all I want to do is go for a run.

It's my favorite time of the year to run.  The air is cool and crisp, it's dark and quiet out.  It's running tight season!!  And I can't run yet.  Sad tights haven't even made it out of the workout clothes bin.

I've got a whole laundry list of exercises to do from my physical therapist, and for the most part I'm actually doing them.  I'm not sure that I'm doing some of them right.  Like the aero squat one leg balance thinger.  Her theory is that the biomechanics of my run are all wonky, starting up in my glutes, which causes me to stick out my hips weird (possibly the culprit behind my IT band issues) which pulls on my knee, and with each strike it causes my arch to collapse which, as it collapses, pulls on my posterior tibial tendon and consequently my dewclaw. Woah, that's a mouth full.  The tricky part about fixing biomechanics is that when you are so use to doing something it's awkward and hard to stop doing it.  But I have to do the exercises to strengthen and correct the issues so that maybe I will get to run again....some day...

But in the mean time, how do I get myself to the gym to do the things I am allowed to do?!?

(more soon.....life, home improvements, and everything else)

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IronBri said...

Agggghhhh! That sucks! I know how you're feeling though. We always want to do exactly what we're not supposed to!

I wish I could say I could be a role model for you, but I'm terrible at listening to my PT. (Mine was for my neck and back, but they also determined I have weak glutes!) Do you have those inflatable balance discs. About three inches thick, and a foot in diameter. Perfect for doing one or two legged squats, or using to do an ab workout. Plus, they're just fun to stand on while watching tv. Especially if you have two of them, and a roommate! Instant competition!