Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And here I thought sidewalks were for pedestrians

Last night I headed out on my longest run of the season so far, goal of 6.5 miles, and was feeling pretty good. Around mile 2.5 I ran out of the nice black top bike path and had to move to the sidewalks, which I usually avoid whenever possible. Regardless, at my half way point I actually felt like I could make it home with out hailing a cab or hitch hiking. Heck Yeah!!

Here I am chugging along the sidewalk, about 1/2mile from the blacktop bike path I hold so dear, when a lady in a giant boat of a vehicle pulls right out of the Culvers parking lot with out looking, and right into me. My response was wide eyed no words shock while half sitting on her hood. Her response? Oh, sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Sorry? I wasn't paying attention? To the person following the rules on the sidewalk? I'm sure the recently purchase Culvers was very intriguing and important, but come on lady!!

At this point my adrenaline kicks in and I know that if I don't start jogging home I'll never make it. So I climb off the hood of her car, still speechless and continue on my way.

By the time I get home I am limping a little more and definitely feeling the stiffness. And of course by this time I have quite the litany of things I shoulda, coulda, woulda said to the clueless lady in the car. I stretch out carefully and assess the damage. Other than some hip stiffness and a little bruising, I'll live. But boy am I cranky. Way to ruin my long run!!

I'll be taking a few days off to rest the previously mentioned hip.

(Side Note: Running is the bane of my existence. I'm not built to run, nor do I really enjoy running. So when I say "I went running" i use the term running very loosely. My latest method is a combo of run 8/walk 1. It seems to be working for me)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frigid Water + Lack of Swim Prep = Bum Shoulder

I'll be the first to admit that I let my off season swimming slip a little this winter, but I never anticipated this sort of pain. My right shoulder and neck are unhappy with what I attempted to do with them a efw nights ago.

Looks like I'll be staying out of the water for a bit...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who knew the water would be so cold

So yesterday was my first open water swim of the year. And possibly my least, at least for a while.

I headed down to the local watering hole (lake, not bar), shimmy into my wetsuit, noticing of course it's just a tad snugger than last year, and get ready to swim. I managed to coerce a fellow triathlete and coworker of mine to brave the cold spring waters, and slightly more intelligent friend to paddle along side. I'm feeling relatively optimistic about the swim as it will be good to be in open water again, and really, the water couldn't possibly be
that cold.

As I trudge into the water I'm feeling ok, however my partner in crime is only wearing a shorty wetsuit and seems to be beginning to hate me for talking her into this. Eventually we both managed to get neck deep in the water, and that's when it got really painful. It was like someone had frozen my lungs shut. But to have gotten all dressed up for the occasion and come this far would be such a shame, so on we went.

Our goal was a there and back, which i probably a little over 1/4mile roundtrip. Short, sweet, and dang cold. To swim with our heads up a la doggy paddle was frustratingly slow and awkward. To put our faces in the water and attempt to freestyle was like sumberging your head in a bucket of ice water. Repeatedly.

That one lap was enough to make a girl give up open water swimming all together.

No future plans have been made to open water swim.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spoke Out

Yesterday was Saris Cycling Group's annual Spoke Out. I was super stoked going into the event to ride with my coworkers and friends.....that was until one of my good friends decided to be a no call no show on me. I waited until the last possible minute to bike over to the event just hoping he'd show, but no dice. I thought for minute about climbing back into bed and being pouty for the day. But who really wants to be that girl? So I got my act together, told myself it was for a good cause and off I went.

I get there to find out that I'd be riding as the caboose with a fellow coworker. What I didn't know was that this 30 some mile ride was going to become an all day event....

Let me tell you about my new friend Grandma Judy. Grandma Judy's daughter convinced her to do the Spoke out this year, after all it is for a great cause. So Grandma Judy trained and even did a 25 mile ride a few days before. So she new she could finish, but no races would be won. It was quickly discovered that riding caboose meant pacing our new friend. The determination and will power of Grandma Judy was not to be matched. Hill or no hill she just kept chugging along.

30 odd miles and 4 1/2 hours later Grandma Judy and I could call the Spoke Out a success, and finally, thankfully over.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

And so it begins...

I found myself writing more and more in my training logs, and that anything that sits still long enough will end up with a note pinned to it about training. So I thought why not streamline my thoughts and put them out there. I find myself religiously following the blogs of fellow triahtletes looking for tips, tidbits, comfort and motivation. So who knows, maybe my trials and tribulations will provide some guidance (or at leasts some laughs) to someone else.

And maybe, just maybe, putting my thoughts out there for all to see and judge will keep me from getting discourage, frustrated and falling off the training wagon like many times before

My training season started much later than planned as result of breaking my ankle last summer. (Did I mention I'm slightly accident prone?) Needless to say I didn't start logging in real hours until, um, late April. Don't judge. Life happens.

What matters now is where I go from here.