Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spoke Out

Yesterday was Saris Cycling Group's annual Spoke Out. I was super stoked going into the event to ride with my coworkers and friends.....that was until one of my good friends decided to be a no call no show on me. I waited until the last possible minute to bike over to the event just hoping he'd show, but no dice. I thought for minute about climbing back into bed and being pouty for the day. But who really wants to be that girl? So I got my act together, told myself it was for a good cause and off I went.

I get there to find out that I'd be riding as the caboose with a fellow coworker. What I didn't know was that this 30 some mile ride was going to become an all day event....

Let me tell you about my new friend Grandma Judy. Grandma Judy's daughter convinced her to do the Spoke out this year, after all it is for a great cause. So Grandma Judy trained and even did a 25 mile ride a few days before. So she new she could finish, but no races would be won. It was quickly discovered that riding caboose meant pacing our new friend. The determination and will power of Grandma Judy was not to be matched. Hill or no hill she just kept chugging along.

30 odd miles and 4 1/2 hours later Grandma Judy and I could call the Spoke Out a success, and finally, thankfully over.

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