Thursday, May 8, 2008

And so it begins...

I found myself writing more and more in my training logs, and that anything that sits still long enough will end up with a note pinned to it about training. So I thought why not streamline my thoughts and put them out there. I find myself religiously following the blogs of fellow triahtletes looking for tips, tidbits, comfort and motivation. So who knows, maybe my trials and tribulations will provide some guidance (or at leasts some laughs) to someone else.

And maybe, just maybe, putting my thoughts out there for all to see and judge will keep me from getting discourage, frustrated and falling off the training wagon like many times before

My training season started much later than planned as result of breaking my ankle last summer. (Did I mention I'm slightly accident prone?) Needless to say I didn't start logging in real hours until, um, late April. Don't judge. Life happens.

What matters now is where I go from here.

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