Katie: The Cliff Notes

I'm a (barely) thirty-something Sconnie native, living the Minnesotan dream. Running, riding, power-snatching, and sassing my way through life.

I did not like my husband when I first time I met him.
I have 3 of the most awesome rescue pitties & one very ornery Maltese.
I love all thinks pink. And sparkly.
I bleed Badger Red. U-rah-rah WISCONSIN!
I like to laugh.
I could eat potatoes for every meal of the day.
I Crossfit to stay fit & run to stay sane.
I once ate an entire bottle of Heinz Ketchup in once sitting.
I did not feel well after that.
I have broken 9 bones (not including fingers & toes) & had 7 surgeries.
I am a certified bike tech.
I went to school to design & build furniture.
I will be on The Amazing Race someday. Oh yes, I WILL.
I have an irrational fear of pickles.

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