I'm a lover of all things four-pawed and furry, but have a soft-spot for Pit Bulls. Pitties are an inherently intelligent, strong and loyal breed that just wants to please their people. Unfortunately all too often irresponsible owners take exploit the strength and loyalty of the breed. We are doing our part to educate others on this misunderstood breed by having well socialized, well behaved, great dogs, and giving back by fostering puppies until they can find their furever home. 

The hardest part of being on the road is definitely leaving the pups at home...

Burton's Adopt-aversary 9/5/04
Burton has been my BFF since Labor Day weekend 2004. I was living in my first post-college apartment and that allowed dogs! I was unsure about the breed until this 3lb terrorist attacked my hand. I found it endearing...

9 years later and I cannot imagine life without this angry little bastard. I can't promise he won't nip at your ankles when you first meet him, but you can win him over with popcorn and pets.

Ladybug's Adopt-aversay 3/22/10
Ladybug was our first rescue pittie. Heartbreakingly, someone had left her on the streets of Milwaukee in January 2010 as a 4wks old puppy. Fortunately she was found and placed in an in home bully breed rescue. We met her at 8wks and it was love at first sight for me. Bug is sweetest dog I've ever met. She wants nothing more than to curl up in your lap and finds it hard to believe that there are people who don't want to pet her.

Ladybug is a Canine Good Citizen working towards becoming a certified therapy dog.

Willis' Adopt-aversary3/20/11
We had been casually perusing Petfinder and came across an entire litter of pittie pups that had been surrendered to a local rescue. We met the puppies when they were barely 5wks old, and Wyatt decided that Willis was meant to be ours. Two weeks later Willis became part of the family.

Some days Willis is the household curmudgeon, and others he is the gentle-giant pouncing and playing with Burton.  But consider yourself warned, if laying on the couch, Willis will couch-shark in and make himself at home.

Porkchop's Adopt-aversary 4/21/12
I met Porkchop while working at the Humane Society. He had been surrendered to a different shelter as a little puppy, and they were struggling to adopt him out because of his breed. At 6 months old he was transferred to DCHS rest was history. He was in the shelter only a few days before I met him. The first time he sat and oinked at me, I knew he had to come home with me.

Porkchop loves to watch tv, chase birds, and I am fairly certain he is plotting to take over the world.

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