Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I have enough accessories, thank you very much.

So turns out the potential stress fracture of my right Navicular is the lesser of the concerns with my right foot/ankle.

Upon closer inspection, better known as 35 claustrophobic minutes in the MRI tube, cutie resident Dr Dave found that I have an extra bone in my right foot, an Accessory Navicular. Apparently I am one of the elite 3-5% of the population that has extra bones in their feet or hands.

From what I understand, your Posterior Tibial Tendon runs somewhere from your calf muscles down around and under (or something like that) and usually attaches directly to the Navicualr. In the case of my deformed foot, the Posterior Tibial Tendon attaches to the Accessory Navicular NOT the Navicular.

Under normal use, many people will be none the wiser that they have claw growing out of the side of their foot. Under a lot of strenuous use (running, etc), or given one solid pulled calf muscle or sprain the tendon basically wrenches on the claw creating a major ouch factor.

So what does this mean for the future of my foot? Well the immediate in plan is the boot (see Monday's post) and rest rest rest. Since they are less concerned about a fracture, I don't have to use crutches (we'll call that a small victory), I get to go in tomorrow to get molded for some new custom orthotics, I start PT the beginning of September and I pow-wow with Dr Dave the middle of next month.

Chances are that I will be sliced and diced in the near future to remove to cut back on an accessory or 2. You know, de-clutter. I guess they'll get in there with their fork and knife, much like carving the Thanksgiving turkey, remove my claw and reattach the tendon.

I spose long term that this is a good thing. I'll be less likely to have reoccurring problems and pain. But right now it is just making me a basket case. I am in pain, my plans for the summer have been pretty much destroyed, and I have to see dr's way more frequently that I would like to.

I am trying desperately to take a deep breath and remain calm'ish. But as anyone who has come within 5ft of me these past few days can attest to, I am failing miserably! Just ask Wyatt, he'll tell you about the absolute psycho I've been and how I'm driving him "f'ing nuts." Yes, that's a direct quote.

IronKatie? Not this year.

And if you want to buy me an accessory, how about a new Prada bag or something pretty from Tiffany's?

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JP Severin said...

sorry to hear about the stress fracture... use it to refresh yourself, swim a bit, and get excited about running again!

IronBri said...

Wow! This is terrible news! Although, you have a claw- and that's pretty cool. I'm so sorry about IM. My heart is breaking for you. How about I dedicate my 1/2 this weekend in your honor?

IronBri said...

Btw- I just found out that my aunt has the exact same thing.. she too is in a boot and has to have surgery! Not as much of a bummer for her since she's in her 60's and not so much athletic.

Ducastaing said...

Hi. Just found your blog when googling for info about accessory navicular syndrome.

I have the same thing in both feet. It came on properly after twisting my feet slightly when trail running 7 weeks ago. It just became really painful to run (that weird shooting, burning pain) and sore to walk (in the arch and on the bone) and to touch the bone itself. Also managed to rupture two ligaments in my left foot although my foot didn't swell up or anything, but this showed up on the MRI. I'm also in a boot like you. Really getting mad at it now, so frustrating. Can't run at all, walking still really hurts my right foot which isn't in a cast, feeling fat and unfit and rubbish. Getting worried it will result in surgery for both feet.

It must be hard for you being surrounded by people who are still tri-ing and running. Have you been able to swim at all? I tried out using my bike on a turbo trainer this morning and that didn't hurt, so might make that my hobby for a while.

I hope yours sorts out soon. Good luck with the recovery.