Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The moths I am refering to here are the gawd awful moths that cover the wallpaper in our bathroom.  They. are. HIDEOUS.  And they seem to be affixed to the wall with super glue.

So this past weekend we ransacked Home Depot to pick out a new vanity, mirror and cabinet for the bathroom.  My job, this week, was to get the wallpaper down. Easy-peasy, right?


Apparently whoever put up the funky wallpaper didn't seal the drywall before slapping it on so these mothy goodness is permanently bonded to the skim coat over the drywall.  But said skim coat only goes half way up the wall.  Why? I don't know exactly, but the upper half is finished and the bottom half is, well, not.  And to add another fun little step to this project is that the shiny moth part of the wallpaper is pulling off of its paper backing...adding yet another step to this process.

And when I took down the medicine cabinet (with a little help from handy man extradinaire and my bff Ryan) we noticed that they had a jacked up way of installing that too.  The short of it is that we now have to replace a portion of the drywall and maybe a stud or two.  Yeah.

So what was suppose to be a week long project has gotten much much longer.

The new hope is to have the moths down and the walls repaired by the end of the weekend so that I can paint next week.  And minimize the time with out a toilet (which needs to be removed to repair the wall).

Who needs to go to the gym when there are house projects?!?

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