Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday 13

1. After a web brief hiatus I am back.  I don't really know where in particular I went, but where ever it was I didn't seem to have a whole lot of internet-ing time.

2. I wish, now a few days later, that the bathroom remodel was looking better but alas, it is not.  I am still chiseling away at those damn moths and their papery back.  We've got some epic plans to repair the other wall on Saturday.  Wish us luck!

3. I cannot seem to get over my fixation with running lately.  I believe the obsession to stem from the fact that it is the one forbidden activity at this point.  I really want to get back at it tho.

4. We've started to plan out our race schedule and plans for next year.  Monona 20K and Madison Half Marathon in May, with our first marathon in the fall.  And of course there will be a few triathlons on the sched for me and some epic bike events for W.  I am excited!!   

5.  In 3 weeks today we will be on our way to NYC to visit and spend some quality time Jamie....not to mention check out the latest at MOMA, The Guggenheim, FAO, Tiffany's and so much more.  I haven't been to NYC in over 10yrs and W's never been there so we are pretty darned stoked for this lil adventure or ours. 

6. Our new furniture gets delivered tomorrow!! TOMORROW!!  That's right, no more futon for a couch. 

7.  Lately I have been scouring the all of the local thrift shops on a regular basis just waiting to unearth the most fantastic retro dinning table and chairs.  I am ok with the chairs and stuff being mismatchy, I just want wood and for it all to be in good shape.  Is that so much to ask for?

8. Have you ever been given the most random advice from the most unqualified of sources?The sort of unsolicited random advice that makes you go really??? is that for real???  Sort of like me the vegetarian who won't even touch red meat telling the avid meat eater how to cook a steak.  It just doesn't make sense.  Yeah, that's all I'm saying.

9.  Change is in the air my friends.  I can't say what or when for certain, but it's there.  And it feels good.

10. Now that it is get cold out and the snow is a-coming I am love love loving my garage usage.

11. I am over half way to hair long enough to donate again and it is driving me crazy.  I want donate it, and I've been growing it out for months now, but I am so over long hair.  I am suppose to go in for a trim in 2 weeks and I am hoping I stay strong and just trim, not cut.

12. It's birthday month again for so many wonderful people in my life: my mom, my grandma, my cousin Erynn, my work partner in crime Ron, and the fantastic man in my life, to name a few.  I am sending month long happy thoughts to all the November babies out there.

13. I am glad I have reached 13 because my hands are so very cold typing.  Brr, brr, brr!  I am cold and done typing for the time being!

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robert said...

Regarding #7, there is an antiques shop in Soughton, I think called Catfish Creek Aniques, anyway, they always seem to have a large selection of tables. There is also another large antique store in town, have not been there in ages though. Hope all is well.