Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween...and everything else!

Wyatt showing off his new Game Bibs before we headed to the Badger game.  I also think he may have been trying to shake the rest of the leaves off the tree so we can rake and be done with it already!
At the game, in our matching bibs.  
It was windy, overcast and chilly, but the Badgers prevailed!

After the game (and a 2+ hour nap) it was time to lion-a-fy myself for the night.  The costume was waaaaaay more work than anticipated, but turned out pretty darn cute.  Even Burton put on his skeleton costume!  

We decided pictures with the pumpkin from Tom and Renee's wedding were in order.  
(Carved pumpkins  make possibly the cutest centerpieces ever.  Who knew.)

Don't worry, I'm a vegetarian. The cow is safe!

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