Friday, September 25, 2009

No Rest for the Weary

Yep, that pretty much sums up my week.

I am exhausted. Working all day, and moving at night, has added up to a looooong week. It may only be a studio apartment, but good lord do I have a lot of stuff there. Apparently 28yrs, almost 2 of which have been at the most recent abode, adds up to way too much stuff. And no place to put it.

But wait Katie, aren't you moving into a house? Why yes, observant reader, I am.

I went to try to unpack and clean stuff at the new house last night. I figured getting a start on that would make moving the last of my stuff a little easier. Right? Only what I found in every cabinet, drawer and closet I opened is that it was already full. So where exactly am I suppose to go?

This is bringing back horrific memories of freshman year of college. Or even my sophomore year apartment with the roommate from, well, Waukesha. Right, Waukesha. You remember the college days where all of your belongings had to stay in your room/side of the room, designated closet, kitchen cabinet, shelf in the fridge... It's like I'm going from a luxurious, spacious 2 room efficiency, to 1 room. In a house. I feel like I am going to have to stash my Ramen noodles and microwave popcorn in my closet to keep the roomie from eating it at bartime. And I am thinking of bringing back the shower caddy so I have a place to put my shampoo, face wash and toothbrush. I'll keep it right next to my shower flip flops and towel hanging on the back of my bedroom door.

If any one out there knows how I can loft my double bed, or has a mini fridge I could borrow, let me know. Apparently I'm going to need them.

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