Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday 13

Woah, it's Thursday already and I haven't even finished my post from Monday yet about the Fat Tire Festival.... It will be finished. There are pictures and everything.

But to stay on task...

Thursday 13: The Moving Addition

1. After tonight's trip I'll be prolly 75% out of my apartment! Woot Woot! Now there's just my closet, kitchen essentials, bathroom essentials, bed and tv....ok that still sounds like a lot. Grrr.

2. We went to empty my storage unit in the basement last night to find out a bottle of bleach had spilled on stuff. FML! I don't think it ruined anything important...

3. The "we" I am refering to here is my bestfriend Ryan and I. My deadbeat boyfriend (from this point forward known as the DBB) is in Vegas this week. Yes he is in Vegas the same week I need to move. Granted it's sort of work related, but still, f*ck that!

4. Moving has been further complicated by the fact that the above mentioned DBB moved his stuff in and left boxes everywhere. So to be able to move my stuff I have to rearrange and deal with his stuff. WTF?

5. The DBB did however manage to quasi finish the wood floors before he left for Sin City. All the staples are out, the tack strips are up, and they are clean (to a boy's standard clean). All that's left to do is to add 1/4 round trim around the room to cover up the damage from the tack strips. Oh, and to somehow match the 1/4 round to the floor/trim color...

6. So Monday night, as we were hurriedly moving in the DBB's stuff (yes I helped him) he tried to put stuff in the refrigerator WITHOUT CLEANING IT FIRST!!! ICK ICK ICK!!! What was he thinking?!? So I took on said task, and what did I find in the fridge? Cat hair. Like enough gross black cat hair to think that they were storing cats IN the fridge. I just threw up in my mouth a little thinking about it.

7. Tonight's mission is to move all of the nonperishable foods, misc kitchen odds and ends, and the bathroom non essentials. All in all that's probably 1 trip. THEN it's time to clean the bathroom and kitchen so that I can put that stuff away. It could be a looooooong night.

8. So the house was "move in ready" which basically means it wasn't a complete hovel. It's actually pretty nice. But there are so many things that need to be done to make it "ours." Like the pedestal sink in the bathroom HAS TO GO! Say it with me people, vanity. And painting. Everything is off white. I don't do off white. Give me color!! And seeing as we had to move everything in kind of quick, we didn't get to paint first. Which now means we have to move stuff around, and cover stuff, and basically do things the most difficult way possibly. And the kitchen needs updating....and the gross asbestos linoleum removed. And the cabinets, something about the cabinets. I have some ideas...

9. Oh the basement. Ick. Their definition of 1/2 finished, well, is that they painted the cement block walls. And the 1/4 bath. Yeah, that's going to be walled in and turned into a real 1/2 bath ASAP! Next to that will likely be the bike area. Scary creeper "bar"? GONE!! Cement block walls in the "finished room"? Framed out and actually (gasp!) walls built. The carpet that was pulled upstairs? Laid in the basement. Futon, aka the DBB's former "bed," and his leather chair will make lovely furniture down there. Trainers, yoga balls, tv, stero, check! Hello space to workout. Oh there is so so many things to do....

10. Don't tell my PT, but I have been going sans boot for the moving process. Yes, probably not the brightest idea, but it's just so hard to manuver and accomplish things in that thing. It's no real shock my foot is extra super hurty. That goes hand in hand with not listening to the PT and Dr.

11. I really am crossing my fingers and hoping that this is the last time I move for a really long time.

12. The best part about moving? Definitely the usage of the DBB's Element. Hello XM radio and bumpin' system. I've been so spoiled cruising around town, you know the 4m round trip between the old and new place, rocking out to good tunes. I'm not sure how I will go back to my regular ol' FM radio and stock stereo system. But in the mean time, damn it feels good to be a gansta'...

13. The worst part about moving? Pretty much all of it. This post deserves every CAPITAL LETTER, profanity and exclamation point it has, and then some!!!

Pictures, oh so many pictures, to come!! Stay tuned my friends. If I can't run or bike, I am going to be a lean mean house improving MACHINE!!!

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