Monday, September 28, 2009


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That's right, we now own a new sofa, chair AND ottoman (like the foot stool, not the empire). That's the general look of the sofa above, but in COMPLETELY different colors. We just didn't think an off white sofa was a smart idea in our house. So we went with a brown (specifically mahogany) with some fun pills. You know, spice the place up a little. Bad news is, by snubbing the off white sofa we had to special order what we wanted. It could take 3-10wks for it to get here.....grrrr! So for the foreseeable future we have no, and I really do mean no, furniture. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing as the house it OVERRUN with boxes still. Seriously we could build some pretty bad a$$ forts if we rearranged the boxes....hmmm, something to think about.

So we're suppose to move the last of my stuff into the house tonight. But seeing as it is looking like death storms again to day I am guessing I will be bumped from the docket. Who really wants to move stuff, especially a mattress, in the rain?! Btu really, the longer I live with my stuff in boxes and split between 2 locations the CRAZIER I am getting. Really, seriously, losing my mind! Oh, and in case you are wondering, someone else moves in to my apartment on the 1st this week. That'd be Thursday, and I'm still not out, nor is the place clean.

Oh, and there is the floor finishing project that is apparently going to get done this week. And putting a much needed vanity in the bathroom.

Wyatt moved in, check. Sofa picked out, check. New washer purchased, check. Direct TV being installed, check. Going to a 3 day bachelor party*, check CHECK!

Katie moved in....not checked.

At least our priorities are in order.

I do love the furniture we picked out tho...

*The 5 day bachelor party has been reduced to only 3 days. Geez, what a rip off. But don't worry, that still allows for 2 nights of strips clubs and unhealthy levels of intoxication, with a little football and MORE alcohol sandwiched in the middle. I still say F* That!!

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