Thursday, July 9, 2009

Senor Queso Strikes AGAIN!!!

***Staring Señor Queso***
(names have been changed to protect the not so innocent)

So let me tell you a little story about my road trip to get my bike fixed....

I seem to have the WORST luck with bike mechanics. This could be in part to my overly picky nature. Ok, I'm sure that's part of it. Since moving to Madison I have had nothing but bad luck with my bikes. If you had encountered some of the janky work I have you'd be picky too. But I digress...

I sort of luck out that one of my favorite people (and good friend) happens to be a ROCKSTAR bike mechanic. Only unlucky part is that now that I am in Madison he is close to an hour and a half away. Sacrifices must be made for quality, so it's totally worth the drive.

After yet another bike mishap or two, it was off to Milwaukee I go. Admittedly one of the issues was no one's fault. Spokes break. But the other was definitely much more questionable.

I made plans to meet my mechanic of choice at 7pm at the shop. I roll in a few minutes late (how was I to know there was a Brewer's game???) to find out he's not there. Hmmm. I call. I text. No answer. A fellow employee of his and friend of mine, Matt, calls. He texts. I chat and hang out to pass the time. I pace the store. I clean up displays and straighten clothes.... Señor Queso is MIA! Just shy of 8pm Matt decides to try calling the house line. Wouldn't you know, Señor Queso he fallen asleep!! Matt had grandma wake up him so that he could get his butt in gear. HE HAD FALLEN ASLEEP!!! WTF!?! Strike 1 Señor Queso!

Meanwhile, the poor store manager, who I know well enough I suppose, is now dealing with a panic-y starting to cry girl in his shop. He volunteers one of the other guys to take a look at my bike for me while we continue to wait for Señor Queso...

Almost 8:30 now and who strolls in? Señor Queso. Finally. Yeah, the other tech got things taken care of on the wheel front, but there was still the matter of my jacked up drivetrain. That's right Sleeping Beauty, get to work! Lucky for him, Señor Queso has some MAD bike skillz and my bike up and shifting soooo much better pretty darn quick.

After the bike drama was repaired and behind us, we headed out for a quick bite to eat to before I drove home. It was spose to me Matt and his lady friend, Señor Queso and I. Or so I thought. We get to the restaurant to discover that I am, in fact, the 5th wheel on Matt and Señor Queso's double friggin date. Really boys? REALLY? In addition to this little awkward suprise, our quick bite to eat turned into a really loooooong meal. And it's not like there were multiple courses, those 4 just took their sweet time doing everything. By the time dinner was done and Señor Queso drove me back to my car it was after midnight!! And I still had almost an hour and half drive home! Strike 2 Señor Queso!

One more strike and YOU'RE OUT Señor Queso!!

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