Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So the short and sweet of last night is that the running buddy is even less capable of keeping a secret or a surprise than I am!!!  While I had knowingly texted and begged and pleaded for the running buddy to pick up and deliver my running shoes, little did I know that he had left one heck of a PINK surprise in my apartment for me....

Hello my PINK love!!!

That's right, that's my new PINK-tastic, PINK-erific, PINK-alicious 29'er!!! So admittedly I knew about the frame, but I did not know that he had been stock piling pink everything and planning to deliver the bike complete!

Complete with PINK Chris King hubs!! 
(which match the PINK Chris King headeset)

PINK housing!!
And PINK grips!!

Have I mentioned what a GREAT guy this running buddy of mine is?  Yeah, he's pretty wonderful.  And I am one lucky LUCKY lucky PINK loving girl.......

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