Monday, February 16, 2009

Even wonderful weekends must come to an end...

Last week was really pretty unbelievable and wonderful, and this past weekend was no different. So it started with the butt kickin' PINK bike (thanks running buddy, you are the BEST!!) and ended with beautiful flowers showing up at work for me on Friday (really running buddy, where'd this A game come from??). No doubt about it, I was spoiled silly last week.

Check 'em out...even the vase is PINK!

Then, the icing on the cake.......drum roll please.....I finally ordered my new tri bike!!! EEK!! I am sooooo excited. Big important purchases, like bikes, tend to tkae me years to come to a decision on. So the very fact that I commited to a bike an made the purchase in like a year and a half time span is pretty impressive. When it came down to it, I went with the bike I have LOVED since I first laid eyes on it....
08 Scott Contessa Plasma

Isn't she beautiful?? And even more exicing, she'll be in my posession Thursday of this week! What to name her....what to name her.... (Oh! The PINK Rig has finally been named. She is now known as "The Pig." Pink + Rig = Pig....yeah its simple and I LOVE IT!)

Part of this new bike agreement with myself is that I have to commit to some trainer time. No more excuses, just get on and do it. The running buddy even brought me his rollers so I can try them out and see if that eases my dislike of indoor cycing. One way or another I have got to start logging some quality bike time.

Woah, so that was last week. There was even a sprinkle of training mixed in there, but not as much as I would've like because my knee is still sore and I'm trying to be smart.

Saturday I spent the whole day in bed. That's right. I crawled out and welcomed the day at like 3:30....just to get dressed and ready to run and the promptly fall back asleep and take a mini nap at like 5. Opps. There went that run. The running buddy and I had a mellow V Day plan. A little food, a chick flick, and relatively early to bed. It was wonderful. Follwoed by the promise of escorting me on my long run Sunday. What a guy!

Iwas probably mid 20's and partly sunny when we headed out to run Sunday. Not too bad. My knee didn't even feel like it was going to explode until about mile 5. The running buddy kept mustter sassy things and telling me I'm in for it when its warm enough to bike outside. That he plans to make me suffer on a bike like I have made him suffer through my runs. I said that I will interpret that as he wants to be a support coach and help me become a better stronger rider. And I agreed that when my weekly long run is over 13m he doesn't have to run them with me, he can bike along side. I thought that was quite nice of me.

This Sunday I discovered my new favorite post long run, I'm sore and feel like dying, remedy. Its called swimming. Who knew. I went and did an easy swim about an hour after my long run, followed by some hot tub soaking and I almost felt normal the next day! What a glorious discovery.

On another swimming related note, Bryn came with on my swim last night. It was great to have someone else to train with in the pool. As a result I have started a "Join My Gym" campaign with Bryn. And I think its working. :) She'll be a member and regular visitor with me in no time. Right Bryn??

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