Thursday, December 11, 2008

101 Excuses...

I'm finding myself in a winter slump. Having been off and on sick for the better part of the last month, my training has been sporadic at best lately. My coach Edde, that's right buddy I'm calling you out, told me to rest up and recover because as of January 1 its go time. At first I scoffed at his take it easy advice, but pretty soon feeling run down got the better of me and slacking off became the norm. My trainer is sitting bike-less in my apartment and my running stuff hasn't been touched since last Thursday. Getting home and trying to get out and run when its pitch black dark and brrr-tastically cold out does nothing to help the motivation (and yes, I could run in the morning, but the same cold dark complaints apply then too.....).

So as January 1 is just over 2 weeks away now I am trying desperately to get my act together. I don't feel as though my goals are unattainable given the time frame, but if I don't get my act together soon this could get UGLY!

One of my coworkers, Jon, is out there running at lunch. Another one of my coworkers, Geoff, not only is our product testing guru during work hours, but is still logging trainer time out side of work like an animal. I don't know how these kids are doing it. I keep thinking maybe if I turn my hour lunch into a run or quality trainer time here at work I'll get in my workouts like these . But then I realize that I would have to shower in the gross showers at work, or worse yet, sit and be the smelly kid at work the rest of the day. So yes, there is an excuse for EVERYTHING!

Lucky for me, the usual suspect of a running buddy is making me stick to the Thursday night run tonight. I'm hoping for a solid 4-5m. but that will all depend on how I feel once we're out the door. Hopefully I can put the running buddy through their paces as per usual.

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