Sunday, December 14, 2008

Even wonderful weekends have to end.

So all and all the past few days have been pretty rockstar. With the exception of an awful day at work on Friday, things were on the up and up. So rather than get bogged down with the ick that was work, I'm going to revel in the wonderfulness of the rest of it.Thursday night I made it out running with my running buddy. And um, he handed my ass to me! That's right boys and girls, handed it to me. Its just not fair!! I'm suppose to be the better runner. That's the only thing I've had on him. Grr. It looks like I've found new motivation to get out and running.

Friday was the work holiday party. Nothing to get too worked up about. There were drinks, dinner (holy salty potatoes batman!), and a magician! That's right. For the "adult" party there were card tricks, and rope tricks and more. How exciting! Riiiight. But afterwards the usual suspects, some special guests (yeah Jenn and Geoff!!) and I headed to Jolly Bob's for our own par-tay. Some fruity cocktails, some dancing and some inappropriate behavior was had by all. Awesome.

Saturday started with sleeping in. Wonderful delicious sleeping in. Followed by my first day on the snow this season. WOO WOO! That's right. It was time for some cross training snowboard style. My running buddy headed out to the local hill for a few hours of frolicking in the snow. And for it being my first time back on the board this year, I dominated. That's right, you take your Thursday night run and I'll raise you some fun in the snow where I look sassy good. It was snow-licious. If only I could cross train on the snow more often.

Later Saturday night my coworker Darren's holiday party. Having just finished the majority of their remodeling on their house, Darren and his wife Lisa decided it was time to throw a little get together. Talk about a cool couple. Great hobbies, funny stories, and all around nice people. I think I want to be them when I grow up. I attempted to whip up some asiago cheese dip for the shindig, but as I am a questionable cook at best, I was sure to bring some beer as well just in case. There was food, beverages, and good company. I got to check out Darren's fleet of bikes and bike and ski shop in the basement....can we say jealous?! I have to admit though, I was a pretty lame gal. I think I managed to stay up and quasi-social until 11'ish, and that was after sleeping on the way home from the hill earlier. It was home and too bed relatively early for this party pooper.

Today I was a lean mean cleaning machine! Dirt was no match for me. I'm hoping to get out for a run yet this evening, but we'll see how the night progresses.

All in all, it was a near perfect weekend. One's like this don't come along very often. Good friends, good times, great weekend. Sigh. But all good things must come to an end. Here's hoping for another weekend like this is the near future.

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