Friday, December 5, 2008

Battling the Brrr!

So after all the drama caused at my birthday by my running buddy, this buddy is back and wanting to run with me again. Hmmmm. While I am going to proceed with caution, I am certainly not one to shun a willing training partner. It's always nice to have someone to train with (especially one that you can put through their paces as your own personal payback....), so I concede to make an after work running date.

So Thursday night we both get all layered and geared up and head out for a nice leisurely run of 4 or so miles. It was slippery and slow going. Is it normal to have your times increase when combating the snow, ice and cold? I hope so because mine most certainly have. Anyways, the run itself was uneventful and good. I had actually really missed our weekly run, just don't tell the runn9ing buddy that. Having someone to get you out the door when the conditions are less than ideal and keep your pace up (because you cannot let them be faster) is always good. Not to mention our bantering, while not always witty, is certainly always entertaining. So while this running buddy o' mine is far from on my A list, they've certainly scored some points by running in the snow with me.

Post run I get home to stretch, to find that as soon as I stop moving its like intsa-freeze! Hypothermia had set in people, and I was C.O.L.D. I think the problem is that even with all my fancy schmancy wicking thermo way too expensive gear, I never seem to get my layers quite right. I'm always cold when I first venture out, 10 or so minutes in I start to warm up nicely, but given another 10mins or so I am sweating like a criminal! Which means that as soon as I stop and the wind blows I am miserable! Worst is my legs, specifically my thighs and butt. No matter how many layers I have one they are always cold. And let me be the first to reassure that they are well insulated to start with. So I am at home trying to stretch and I am violently chattering away. While the 1/2hour shower I took next certainly did help, I was cold the rest of the night.

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