Monday, December 8, 2008

Another Weekend Sans Training

Well more or less without training.

After my cold run on Thursday evening, I went into to work to find out that I would be product testing for the day. Which in my line of work, means riding my bike on a trainer for the majority of the day. Fun, double fun!

I've pretty openly expressed my distaste for trainer time. It's just soooooooo boring! I want to go, to feel like I'm accomplishing something. And when product testing at work I don't even get to rock out to the music of my choice or drown my sorrows in bad television. I just ride, sweat, and space out. What I have learned in this is that my butt is in fact tough enough to sit on my saddle for 6+ hours, and that comes as quite a relief knowing that I will most definitely not being finishing the 122m IM course in anything lest than that.

Initially my plan for Friday night was to hit up the freshly fallen snow with my running buddy for some "cross training" snowboard style. But much to my dismay, after my long day spent cranking away on a trainer I was a little too friend to much other than sit. So in lieu of playing in the snow we opted to go to a movie and veg (4 Christmases, funny funny, highly recommend and I don't even like the holidays).

Seeing as I had heard from a friend of mine earlier in the day on Friday about an epic trail run on Saturday, I was ok with resting for the night and hitting the trails with gusto on Saturday morning. The plan was 9am at the arb for a 2hr run. To be honest, I knew I could only hang with his pace for about an hour before I was liable to tip over out of sheer exhaustion. But a run is a run. What I didn't anticipate happening was sleeping right through the run on Saturday morning. Apparently I was way more tired from the day before than I thought.

The rest of my weekend went to wining and dining our visiting dealers, including a trip to Lambeau on Sunday. While this sounds great in theory, and it is in many many regards, it does in fact have its downfalls. First, it makes for a loooong weekend with little free time. Second, it's tiring! And lastly, while delicious, it means all food and all beverage all the time. When you eat your way through the weekend its definitely necessary to get some solid training in there (and more than just curling your beverage of choice to your mouth).

Now its Monday, and I am still exhausted, and we have some wicked winter weather headed our way. I'm hoping to get in a run of sorts before the freezing rain and snow sets in....

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