Monday, December 1, 2008

Marathons and Duathlons and Triathlons, OH MY!

I'm starting to plan, or I suppose think about is a more realistic spin, my 2009 race season....and I need help!! 

The only sure things on the list are the Kansas 70.3 in June and Ironman Wisconsin in September.  I really want to do a marathon before Ironman to, you know, build my running confidence.  And I'm pretty set on the Door County Triathlon in July....  Beyond that, who knows!  I hear there's some pretty great early season races in North Carolina (and there's pretty cool cats who live there).

If you check out my race list on the side you'll see what I'm thinking about doing.  Obviously the list needs to be narrowed down a wee bit, but I'm looking for feedback on what races to do, who's doing what and where ya'll be headed out to see me!  


Anonymous said...

That is quite the list of races you have posted. Here is what I did for IM WI training, but you know what will make you confident and ready for IM.

Galena sprint - May
Capital View Olympic - June
Racine 1/2 - July
2.4 mile open water swim in Lake Monona (usually mid-aug)
IM WI - Sept
And then lots of training on top of that...

I am not a runner by any means and I did not do a 1/2 marathon or marathon before IM. My 1st run over 20 miles was IM day. But I have bad knees so I have to listen to my body. I did do my long runs on Sundays for the training - a few 15 milers, an 18 miler, and one 20 miler.

Horribly Hilly - some of our friends ride it and love it and another friend said he would never do HHH if he was doing IM WI again, way to much time for him to recover. If you know your body can bounce back after something like that, do it, if not, I would not put it on the schedule. I would say go and ride hard and long that weekend. Nothing wrong with that.

Good luck. We decided not to do it this year, did IM WI in 07 and 08 and now need a break. Looking forward to spectating this year, so send me your race # so I can cheer for ya.

Lee Unwin said...

Damn tri-geeks stay off my site, ha ha ha. See ya in a few days. I got all the beer this go round.

amybee said...

Hey Kate:

I found your blog when I did a google search for Ironman Wisconsin + 2010 dates.

I'm a tri person too -- hoping to do IMWI the year after next.

I'll be following along on your training progress to hopefully pick up some tips!