Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Over the past six months I've struggled with family, work, weight, anxiety, and life in general. But when something as senseless as the bombing of the Boston Marathon finish line happens, it really puts things in perspective.

I am still able to appreciate the sunshine, go for a run, and hug the ones I love. I will go on to run races and cheer for my friends at others.

Sadly there are those that cannot say that after yesterday. And that breaks my heart.

For most runners, toeing the line of the Boston Marathon is a dream come true. Something they worked and trained for for years. For their family and friends who are there supporting them, this is a heartwarming and proud moment for them. The kind of moment that erases all of the time without their loved one because they were training. The kind of moment where pictures will be snapped, tears will be shed and sweaty hugs will be given.

Someone had the audacity to senselessly attack the spectators and participants of the Boston Marathon. And that makes me mad.

But like so many runners, I will lace up my shoes today, this week, next week, and I will #runforboston. I will wave to my fellow runners. And I will know that I am a part of a resilient and pretty amazing community that will keep moving forward. One step at a time.

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