Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Massages, Martinis and MTB'ing

And sushi. And sake.

Also know as a trip to Milwaukee.
Also known as Our Valentine's Extravaganza.
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So for Valentine's Day I decided to plan a little mini-break to Milwaukee. We had something we had to do in Madison on the morning, for the life of me I cannot remember what it was, but then Saturday afternoon we headed to Milwaukee for a relaxing weekend at The Pfister Hotel. Nothing says I Love You like a swanky hotel room, right? Er...

Anyways. The catalyst for this mini-break was actually a trip to the spa. Seeing as the local spa of choice was booked solid, I decided Milwaukee was the next logical place. It didn't hurt that a coworker of ours was having a birthday shindig at Ray's on Sunday. And lucky for me, my favorite hotel has an awesome spa in the basement, the Well Spa. Score! It was on like Donkey Kong for Hamman Showers and massages. Not to mention mimosas, chocolate covered strawberries, fresh fruit...I was in heaven! Pampered, chocolate covered, intoxicated heaven! If you have the chance to stop in there for a little TLC I highly recommend it. The staff was wonderful, the rooms and amenities were fabulous, and the massage was excellent!

I left dinner up to W for the night, which is HUGE for me because I hate surprises. Hate them! We ended up going around the corner from The Pfister to an Asian-fusion restaurant called Umami-Moto. OMG! Drool! YUM! Ugh, I want more sushi.... That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the place. It was SOOOO good. So good. A little yuppy for me, a little crowded, maybe a little overpriced, but it was all worth it! We split a couple of appetizers, a few of their house rolls, a bottle of Mu sake, and dessert. I don't actually know what was my favorite at dinner, but the Lobster Potstickers and the Crispy Shrimp roll were to die for. And the Chocolate Peanut dessert was lick your plate delicious. Yum, yum, yum.

We ended Saturday with cocktails at Blu. Their martinis are some of the best in Milwaukee, and I kind of a die-hard martini drinker, so it was a no-brainer. Holy balls, was it busy! And the crowd there was a strange mix of young and old, casual and dressy, refined and raucous. Definitely good people watching. Needless to say I was passed out asleep within minutes of getting into bed...and I didn't even hear when W walked into the closet door thinking it was the bathroom...and he has the bump on his forehead to prove it.

Sunday it was on to Ray's MTB for a little indoor mountain biking. Eep. For a girl who hasn't mountain biked, in oh, 5+ years, I was scared. Like shaking, indigestion, almost in tears terrified!! I'll put it right out there and say I didn't even want to go. But I did. And by the time I was in the car on my way home I finally stopped shaking. W, on the other hand, was like a kid in a candy store! Obstacles, the CX course, the pump track, he was all over it I am proud to say I did dabble in the beginner's area AND I didn't even get hurt!! Winner winner, chicken dinner! Am I ready and willing to call my self a mountain biker? Absolutely not. Will I give it another shot? Sure. Maybe. We'll see.

That pretty much sums up my weekend.

Did I mention I made it to the Y for some quality "wogging" once last week? Cause I did. I win!

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