Tuesday, January 4, 2011

30 Before 30

So 2011 brings, among other things, my 30th birthday. Surprisingly I'm not yet panicked or depressed by this age. In fact I am hopeful that my 30's will bring things that my 20's haven't. What those things are exactly, I'm not sure, but I know there will be plenty memorable moments. But I digress.

I've never really been a put it out there sort of bucket-lister. I mean, what if I fill my bucket with unobtainable goals and put the list out there, and years later have nothing more to show than the original list? Sad.

For example, I wanted more than anything to finish my first Ironman before I turned 30. 2009 was going t be that year. I trained, and trained, and in the end never made it to the start because of injury. I was crushed. For a while anyways. But I got over it. And I realized that my Ironman and triathlon goals are less about checking something off on a bucket list, and more about a lifestyle. There will be another race, another year, and another Ironman.

So I've decided that in the next 11+ months I have plenty of time to accomplish 30 things. I actually started writing this back in November but never quite finished my list or got around to posting it. Shocker, I know. My list is both big and small, significant and mundane, a lifestyle and the unfamiliar. Many of these things I use to do on a regular basis, but have let life and excuses get in the way these days.

Here goes.

My 30 before 30.

Eat at one new restaurant a month
January: ?
February 12: Umami Moto
March 17: Cooper's Hawk
Read 1 new book a month
January: Oogy
February: ?
March: The Love Machine (not my first time reading it, but who doesn't LOVE a little Jacqueline Susann from time to time)
Run 500+ miles
Run 2 Half Marathons
Complete a 70.3
Run my first marathon
Get Married!!
The date is set for September 23, 2011
Re-learn to mountain bike
Started at Ray's MTB 2/13/11
To be continued...
Participate in 1 WORS mountain bike race
Cook 1 new recipe a month
January 1, 2011: Lemoncillo Bundt Cake
February 7, 2011: Bake Chili Fries--AWFUL!! For you're sake, don't try them.
March 3,2011: Turkey Meatloaf (not my first turkey laof, but a new recipe for it. meh)
Give up fried food for 1 month
Climb at Devil's Lake
Watch 1 new movie a month
January: ?
February: Blue Valentine
March: Youth in Revolt
Go camping at least 2 times
Go snowboarding
Visit somewhere I've never been
Ride the IM WI loop at least once
Give up soda for 1 month
Started 1/9/11....wish me luck!
Ended 2/9/11
Use my wetsuit 10 times (should be modified to say FIT in my wetsuit...)
Visit the BFF in NYC
Build a piece of furniture
Clean out my closet AND dresser
Fit into my skinny jeans
Learn to knit a hat
Learn to geocache
Take dance lessons
Started 2/10/11
Go on a roadtrip

Well there you have it. For better or worse, my first bucket list. I should add updating the list as a sub-item on the list, but I think that's a given. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Love this. Love love love. I want to run my first half marathon, so maybe we can run the same one. Strength in numbers in kicking 30's ass.

IronBri said...

One word.... FABULOUS!

T said...

you're getting married two days before i am! yay!