Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday: From Fat to Fit

In all fairness to myself, this series should really be called 'From Fit to Fat and Back' but that was getting wordy.

Summer 2009 I was in the best shape I had been in in years. I could swim, bike, and run with the best of the MOP'ers. I would wear short skirts, swimsuits, and just generally cute summer clothes with very little hesitation. Now don't get me wrong, I was FAR from skinny. I was certainly no size 2, but I never have been. The scale never dipped near 100lbs, but there again, I don't think I ever weighed 100lbs. I was healthy and I was comfortable with my body.

But them I went and broke my foot and proceeded to spend the next year on the inactive list. At first I embraced the inactivity. It gave me a chance to do things I would have otherwise passed on last summer. But that lasted like, um, 2 weeks before I was over it. Completely.

So here I've sat for the last, oh, year being moody and getting fat. Maybe not full on elastic waist moo-moo fat, but certainly far from fit. My skinny clothes, well I don't look so skinny wearing them any more. And really I much prefer my muffin tops on my muffin bottoms and NOT peaking out the top of my jeans. Not hot. Not fit. Not healthy.

The only other time I have found myself in this conundrum, and by conundrum I mean frumpy and out of shape, was a handful of years ago when I spent some quality time at UW Hospital and went through a really rough break up, but I came out that situation a fitter, healthier, happier person. I'm looking to channel that same go-getter attitude this time around too.

I am definitely way too much of a girl and am not comfortable giving you my numbers (weight, measurements, etc). There are some things you just don't ask a lady! And I may or may not have coworkers, etc who peruse this and would judge the SH*T out of me.

So here's the nitty gritty of it.

My Goals:
realistic: last summer's weight/shape
unrealistic: my HS weight/shape (which is really only 10lbs less than last summer, so it's not that unrealistic...)

My Numbers:
Last mandated dr weigh in (early May?): 23lbs over last summers weight
(but you know, I was fully dressed, wearing jeans, had a big lunch, feeling bloated, excuses, excuses, excuses)
7/8 home weigh in: 16.4lbs over last summer
7/15 home weigh in: 18.4lbs over last summer

So let's put the numbers and goals together here. To get to my realistic goal of last summer's shape/weight I need to lose, we'll say, 20lbs. If I shoot for my unrealistic goal I would need to lose an additional 10lbs. Woah, that's a lot.

I'd be a liar if I didn't acknowledge I've had thoughts of diet pills, eating disorder, crash diets, and more. Anything to make this easier! I just need to jumpstart the process, right? Wrong. Those thoughts were fleeting, I promise you that. I want to eat the things I like and have the energy and fitness to do the things I love.

I think that once I can get running again things will head in the right direction pretty quickly. Heck, once I am able to take the dogs for long walks (without being in pain) and start actually riding my bike again, I think things will be headed in the right direction. Beyond that, I am starting to formulate a plan of attack. It may or may not include ChaLean, which comes highly recommended. There will probably be some swimming, especially now as that's all I'm allowed to do. We'll see, we'll see.

My ultimate goal is to next year be able to run at least 2 marathon, a myriad of other runs and races, and compete in a few tri's of varying distances, like the good ole days. And of course look HAWT in a bikini. And reclaim my skirts and strappy tanks and, and my skinny jeans. Ok, so really my goals are as superficial as they are fitness and health related. Whatev.

I'm hoping that there will be people along the way who will not judge me and my numbers and goals, but I know there will be. But maybe, just maybe, I will find that kindred spirit, either local or thru the interweb, who will support me and my goals. Kick my a$$ when it needs to be kicked, cheer me on when I need motivation, and hold my hand when I need help.

It's official. This is my last Friday as a FATTY!

Friday: From Fat to Fit starts now.


krittabug said...

WOOO HOOO! I want to play this game, too! I could stand to lose a little extra poundage. Sure, I'm "fit," but I've got some extra I'd like to say bye-bye to.

emily b said...

You can do it! I didn't know you last summer, but it sounds like you have some fighting spirit there. Go kick that muffin top's A$$!

IronBri said...

Kick some ass Katie! Just remember, the scale is just a number- it's how you look and feel that really matter! And since muscle is denser, you'll weigh more! Most people guess my weight 15 lbs or so lighter than I really am. They forget that my muscles are really made of Iron, heheh :)

And anytime you need a kick in the pants you know where to find me!