Monday, March 1, 2010

Girls night out!

So what do you do when your boyfriend is out of town...again? Girls night!

I have to admit I am the worst at keeping in touch with my friends. I love my friends. I have great friends. I just don't always talk to my friends on a regular basis. Sad but true.

This past weekend I took the opportunity to catch up with a super awesome girlfriend of mine. We'd been trying to get together for MONTHS now and it just hadn't happened. My fault, I'm sure. Well I finally got my butt in gear, in the car and on my way for a long over due girl's night. It was not lacking secrets, stories, gossip of giggles. It was wonderful. I'd tell you all about it, but then I'd have to kill you.

I will pass on some censored tidbits tho.

We decided to head into the "heart of the Latin quarter" for so delicious Mexican food. Chile Rellenos, margaritas and guacamole how I love thee. What I didn't love was that our table was literally located in the waiter station. Granted we could refill our own water glasses, but seriously. It started the night off with a lot of laughter, that's for sure. And the fact the waiter was so...well...baked he couldn't keep his eyes open? Sweeeeeet. All of that aside, it was the start of a great night.

So my pal's crib is located right in the midst of a college campus which means college bars. Ewwww. Not usually either of our first choice but we took our chances with the local watering hole. We should've known we were in trouble when the bouncer seemed confused by our real, of age, legitimate ids, but as it was 10'ish or so it was relatively quiet and seemed worth a chance. Then there were the bartenders. Young and very concerned with lip gloss application, service was iffy. At best. But suprisingly she made a pretty darn tasty Hendricks and tonic. Slowly the place filled up with underage coeds and frat boys. And did you know that you can still smoke in public in places? WTF? Strange. Highlight of the night? When the frat boy bartender proceeded to BEND OVER in front of his brotha's to show off his tight new pants that were going to score him the tips. Woot! Woot! Shake that money maker.

What else, what else what else...

We capped the weekend off with brunch with some of her gal pals. Not only is brunch my favorite meal of the day, but to do it with the ladies is fantastic! More stories, gossip, giggling, and food. Perfection.

Well there's not a whole lot more I can say.

If I can leave you with one steadfast law of online shipping: Never EVER ever buy shoes on ebay. Don't ask for details, just don't do it.

I'm serious.

If I told you more you would be horrified, traumatized, disturbed and disgusted.

**Thank you friend for a wonderful weekend! xoxo**

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Morgan said...

I love impromptu girls weekends! Yay! Glad you had fun chica!

Also... I'm intrigued by the shoes on ebay. I bought a pair once and had no probs but I guess not everyone is so lucky?!?!?