Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yeah, I've been MIA for a while. Life has taken all sorts of twists and turns that's kept me occupied. Or has led me to keep myself. Whatever.

Live happens.

When I started this blog it was to capture my journey and goals as an athlete. Obviously there's more to me than that, but that's what this was about and who I was here. But then last summer my path took a different direction. I was hurt (literally), and frustrated, and all around unpleasant. Insert self-pitying sigh here.

The news on the athlete front has not gotten any better since then. In fact, I would argue it's gotten worse. The 2nd opinion was worse than the first. The update there, btw, is that rest is the only solution. That non-impact, non-strenuous activity is all I get (i.e. swimming and easy cycling, ick). And I am always in pain. Always. But apparently I just have to live with it.

Top it off when heading into the time of year when Wyatt is gone all the time. Valentines? Gone. This week? Gone. Next weekend? Gone. And so on... Yeah, I know it's his job. And he loves it and is good at it. But it still sucks. I want him here more than he's gone. I don't want to spend holidays, however silly and commercial they might be, alone. That's just me.

Work? Well that too is feeling stagnant. Things have changed, but so much has stayed the same. What now?

Maybe I need a vacation. A tropical get a away.

Here I am injured, out of shape, bored, and home alone most of the time. What do I have to write about? Who wants to read about that? Lame, pathetic, whiny, miserable me, wah wah wah...

But that's not me. I've never taken life sitting down, so why I am I now?

It is time for an attitude adjustment. STAT!

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