Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MMM, pie!

What do you do when you have reached an all time high frustration level?  When life seems to have handed you more than you can deal with?  You bake!!

After a fantastic trip to the farmer's market, I had all sort of goodies to play with, including a bag of delicious Macintosh apples.  Fall + Apples = APPLE PIE!

Now don't let the fact that I have never made an apple pie unsupervised before second guess my pie baking skilz.  I didn't.  Secretly I believed myself to be quite the gourmet.  And so it begins.

First step crust.  Wait.  I've never made crust before.  Ok, first step, locate a cook book and a recipe...then mix.  

It was about this time that I realized I didn't actually own a a pie pan.  Really?  Really.  Luckily Wyatt was willing to save my pie making dreams and borrow one from his parents who are nearby.

And just in case my crust was a bust, ha, Wyatt's mom also sent this:
hmmm....do you think she doubted my crazy mad cookin' skilz?

Then it was time to peel the apples.  Oh so many apples.  But don't worry, PBR came to help.

After peeling like a kajillion apples, it was time to get a lil saucy!  All those tediously peeled and sliced apples went into the cinnamony sugary yum waiting in the bowl nearby. 

After saucin' the apples the went into my crust and awaited a top.

At which point I realized I didn't actually own a rolling pin.  
I SWEAR I DID!  I am not normally this unprepared.  
But luckily my Klean Kanteen doubled as a rolling pin. 

All crusted up and into the oven it goes.

Voila! 35-40mins later you have pie!

It tasted better than I looked.  I would say that my first unsupervised apple pie adventure was a success!  I'm feeling good about it.  :)

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