Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey Shopaholics!!

You know what comes with house expenses? A budget. You know what I am bad at doing? Budgeting.

For example. I really want a Pottery Barn bedroom set. Like REALLY want. Pottery Barn is not in my budget. My budget is much more like middle of the range Steinhafle furniture. Sigh.

It stinks to have champagne taste with a PBR budget. I am sure many of you can relate as this dilemma applies as much to my tri gear as anything else. I want the $50 CEP compression socks, but the $20 Wigwam "compression socks" are in the budget. I want Zipp 404's with a PowerTap hub, but hand me down American Classics are in the budget. I want to race Escape from Alcatraz, but High Cliff is in the budget. Double sigh.

When I can across the website I thought it had to be too good to be true. Designer gear at like half price? No friggin' way. Well it's true. The website is "invite only" so I am posting my invite link for all interested parties.

Check it, shop it, LOVE IT!

Now if only a site like this existed to tri goods and Pottery Barn furniture....

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Steve Stenzel said...

"It stinks to have champagne taste with a PBR budget." Ha! I think that's EVERYONE with a house!