Monday, August 24, 2009

Things that make me feel like a fraud...

I never check my mail. I figure all things of importance in my world come via phone or email. So it was no real suprise when I came home today to find my mailbox overflowing. What I found there was sort of like a punch in the gut.

First there was a priority mail envelope with something inside. Hmmm, no return address. I open it up to find my Dairyland Dare swag looking back at me. When I didn't show I just assumed my event goodies when to more deserving people.

To add insult to injury was another unmarked envelope inside which I find a cool Ironman swim cap.

Seriously. I am a fraud. I do not deserve these things. I am a failure and should not be given cool race goodies like the real participants. But thanks for reminding me, cruel tri gods, how much I suck.

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JP Severin said...

Listen... this isn't your fault and in no way makes you a fraud. You have picked yourself up before and you will again. This is why ironman is worth it because without the lows, the highs wouldn't be as sweet. you will be an ironman. it is just a matter of time.