Wednesday, August 26, 2009


At least once or twice a year my ulcer ends up angry enough to make me think that there is an angry fire breathing alien in my stomach trying to get out that may may actually cause me to a)vomit fire and or b)die. And I wish I could say that this is a result of crazy nights out or too much exotic spicy food, but no no, it's not. It's just me letting stress get the better of me. Anyone who knows me will tell you that it's not that hard to imagine. I kind of border on high strung basket case most of the time. Like one of those annoying yippy cracked out small dogs. It's part of my charm....

I came into work this morning keeled over in pain, promptly forced down a fistful of the chalk deliciousness best known as Tums, and have been slouched in my desk ever since. I have managed to drink enough water that my stomach feels more like embers, less like raging fire but I still feel awful.

And what in the world has my panties so twisted?!?

That's a great question.

This whole apartment renting and moving thing has got me on edge. Especially the time frame we're working with and everything that has to get done. And show my apartment....ick. Don't like it. I showed it to 2 gals last night, both of whom really liked it and turned in applications (yay!) but it's just not that easy. My landlord is being a serious poop about everything and that alone has me worked up. But I'm trying to embrace the good news, that it is hugely unlike I will be paying to for 2 separate living spaces. That's a relief. The rest of it will work itself out, right?

Then there's the whole Ironman thing. It just stinks to not be participating. Sure I've decided to volunteer again this year. I'll definitely be out there cheering all of the amazing athletes on. But it's not the same. I wanted to be out there. Every email I get, every time I hear about, everything, just tears me up!!!

And normally running is my reprieve. After the first mile or so I fall into a mind numbing stride and the rest disappears. But seeing as I am on the no exercise/getting fat list, that is not even an option to burn off my nervous energy. (Did I mention that the fact I am getting fat is stressing me out too?)

It's time to breathe and reboot. And drink a lot of milk...

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JP Severin said...

Good luck with the apt! I know that kind of stuff can be a nightmare.