Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wait, does hiking count?

This past Sunday was pretty awesome...admittedly it was an attempt by someone to make amends for being a wee bit too hungover to follow through on our plans from the day before, but I won't dwell on that...much. Anyways.

We took the motorcycle up to Devil's Lake, which was a beautiful ride. Except for the ferry. I HATE ferries. They terrify me. I can't explain why. I can swim and I actually really like boats. But I will avoid ferries at any and all costs. I mean seriously, build a friggin' bridge!

Me...pouting on the ferry. Hot, right?!

At the lake we opted to just lounge on the South Shore beach and relax. It was sunny and beautiful out. I really wanted to go for a swim (I even had my suit, goggles and cap), but decided against swimming across the lake solo. We did, however, ventured about knee high in the water.

After that we headed over to, as Wyatt would say, Parfait Glen. Better known as Parfrey's Glen... Round trip it was maybe a mile hike, so nothing major, but I really dig this little natural gem. What I didn't know until getting home and checking out the WI DNR site is that Parfrey's Glen was closed for almost 11 months following all the rain and flooding spring 08. We noticed that it looked like there had been more bridges and man made features (for viewing and such) but I couldn't recall as it had been a few years since I was there last.

Giant boulders and moss covered rock formations.

And the little bitty waterfall at the end. Total worth the hike. :)

The ride home was as pretty as the ride up, but not nearly as comfortable. Turns out that the little bitty "padded" board they call a seat on the back of the bike is NOT comfortable for long trips. So worth it tho....I'll take a sort butt any day if it means I cruising around on country highways on the back of a motorcycle with a cute boy! ;)

The epic day ended with a little Tour de France viewing and grilling action. All in all, a perfect Sunday.

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