Thursday, May 7, 2009


My poor little piggies.... :(

I cannot figure out what in the equation has caused such pain, blisters, and the inevitable loss of toenails. The shoes are roomy and comfortable (I learned that the hard way last year), the socks are synthetic, wicking and the right size....what else could I be missing? What am I doing wrong??

I will spare you all the gory details of pictures. Who needs to see my icky feet. Anyone who's logged serious miles on foot knows what I'm talking about.
I expect these things as my mileage increases. But with my longest runs so far topping out at 12.5 it seems too soon.

This kept me from putting on shoes Monday, until I struggled through a short run Monday night....which resulted in no shoe wearing at all on Tuesday. What can I say, socks were not my friends. But I toughed it out last night.
Thunder and lightening, rain, 2 bum toes, ~9m and 80mins later I ran home from work last night...

I've got under 5wks til Kansas. I'm still training as if I am racing the KS 70.3. I won't let the man get me down. Yet. Not to mention there's the 1/2 Marathon at the end of the month, the aquathon series series starting a few days after the half....oh and the monkey on my back for the foreseeable future, IM WI.

My body (and toes) hates me!

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Anonymous said...

What toenails you do have, cut them short, so unsexy, I know...

But I kept mine as short as I could cut them and I never lost a nail thru 2 IMs.

:)Happy toes = happy runs!