Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All things random and rolled into one

So more race related ick....the running buddy is bailing on me on the Madison Half Marathon. That's right, I'll be going it alone. :( Ok, ok, in all fairness, the word bailing might be a bit strong. Turns out he hurt his shin (maybe a stress fracture), he'll know more later this week. In light of the shin pain he has sworn off running all together. And for the time being, I guess I can't blame him. I'm still bummed. I was super stoked to have him run the half with me, and well, now he's not. Grrr.

On a similar race note, I have decided obligations be darned, I'm going to KS. However I did make this decision late enough to not be able to find a hotel room. Double Grr! Look like we'll be camping 2 of the nights, and hoteling it the night after the race. It could be worse. I think things will work out. I just hope I don't get in trouble.....

Oh! And this past weekend I took on the IM loop for the first time ever! The running buddy found the cue sheet and decided to navigate it for me. Honestly, iy wasn't nearly as terrifying as I thought it would be, but I was slow SLOW slow just the same.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling that thing easy, and I certainly can't fathom 2 loops at this point. But I got myself around it and up all the hills, and even had an ok time doing it. :) Despite the dismal speed, time, cadence, and power, I was pretty happy with myself. Baby steps my friends, baby steps..

My poor little piggies are feeling a little bit better these days. There's no doubt that I will not make it through this race season with all my toenails in tact, but the pain has subsided. They even felt well enough to take swimming (i.e. they are healed enough that I braved the infested pool water with fear of instantly contracting MRSA).

That's the past handful of days in a nut shell...tonight there's an easy ride on tap, followed by running home from work tomorrow, maybe a little more biking on Thursday, and gettin' my swim on again on Friday. And assuming the the dr gives the running buddy the thumbs up, hopefully he'll be taking on the IM loop again with me.....otherwise I need a copilot. Any takers?

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robert said...

You know I'll be happy to ride with you. Let me know. Now that running buddy has sworn off running, is he still running buddy, or has he earned a new title? Hope all is well. I dread the thought of injury between now and September.