Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This post brought to you by PMS

For those of you that have to come within 5ft of me, consider yourself warned. I. AM. CRANKY.

And yesterday, in the midst of my crab-fest, I had just a horrendous day. Seriously bad. The highlights (or perhaps low lights) of the day include the KS 70.3, my Timex Bodylink, and my new running shorts.

So the short and sweet of the Kansas 70.3 is that it is my first real triathlon of the season. I picked this race because I have a few friends racing it as well, and its early season (but not too early) so I'll get a good perspective of my training and what I need to work on. Without going into too many details, it seems as though the triathlon gods are no smiling upon me on this one. It looks like I will not in fact be participating in the Kansas 70.3 as an athlete. And I am NOT pleased about this. But to avoid any further race related drama, that's all I will say on that matter.

That was strike #1 yesterday.

Then there's my Timex Bodylink. I was hooked up with this about a year ago, and since the very beginning its been a love hate relationship. When my Bodylink works, its definitely a love situation, but all the times it has given me grief I have absolutely HATED the thing. While I can't really hold cloud cover and poor GPS strength against Timex, that seems to be one major downfall to this system. I don't live near mountains, a forest, an abundance of building or any major power, satellite or other interfering sources, but for the life of me, it is a complete struggle for this thing to get and maintain a signal. Very annoying.

My last run I noticed that a few miles into my run the watch stopped receiving a signal, again, and therefor I was getting no data. I fiddled with it, and after several minutes of nothing, I assumed the batteries must be going. So before my run last night I replaced the batteries, turned the GPS on and put it outside in hopes of picking up a signal before my run started. After 5 or so minutes the GPS was flashing green (it had found the satellites!) and I was ready to head out. What I noticed then, during my warm up, was that even though the GPS piece had a signal, the wrist piece will no longer communicate with it. WTF! I tried everything I could think of to get this dang thing to work. By the time I made it to the lake adjacent portion of my run I was ready to pitch the entire thing in to the water!!!

I've become very data dependent. What pace am I running at? How far have I run? How long have I been running? Asking me to run without this information is like asking me to navigate without my GPS or communicate without text message. It just cannot be done.

That was strike #2 for the day.

Then there were my new running shorts.

Let me back up a moment and say that I am a girl with some junk in her trunk. I always have been, I always will be. Most days I embrace this as one of my ASSets. After all, without it I'd be top heavy and oddly proportioned. And given the right pair of pants, a little booty looks good. Other days, my posterior is the bane of my existence.

For example, the running short. I am constantly in search of the perfect pair of running shorts that won't bunch, creep, chaff, or do other unflattering and uncomfortable things on my full figured bottom and lower extremities. So last night I took my new Sugoi Lucky shorts out on their maiden run. They fit well, were light weight, very comfy and cute! Until I started running. Wouldn't you know that they too started to creep and bunch and do annoying and frustrating things pretty quickly, which left me pulling and adjusting almost constantly. Not cool.

Seriously now, can nobody design and develop a short that is going to fit the thighs of an average person? I run, but I will likely never have the sinewy thighs of a typical little runner. That's just not me. The only thing that stays in place and is more or less comfy to run in spandex. From running tights (my all time fav, but too warm to run in these days), to capri length or shorts, they stay put, don't rub or bunch and just generally get the job done. The downside? Yeah, they're not so flattering. Going back to the "not a stereotypical little runner," I fill out my spandex. And who needs to see that more often than is really necessary? Not to mention the running buddy has quite outspokenly said that it is unacceptable to be spandex clad when not riding.

Is it so hard to make functional clothing to comfortably fit athletes of all shapes and sizes.

That was strike # 3 for the day.

And just when I thought things couldn't possibly get worse, I went to go to bed to find that my bed was wet. Feather duvet, blankets, sheets, all wet....

Yesterday was my version of the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!


Lora said...

Good grief, Katie! That really was a terrible, terrible day! No arguing here.

Here's to hoping tomorrow's better!

Anonymous said...

A wet bed? How? Or do I want to know the 'how'? :)

Hang in there...
Smiles :)

IronBri said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day! I've had a few problems with my Garmin lately- however, I do live near mountains,forests and tall buildings!

As another runner with a "badonk-a-donk" as my roomie calls it- I'm totally with you on with the spandex! I say screw it to your running buddy and wear them proudly. Or make him go jeans shopping with you. If you're at all like me 30 pairs later you'll leave empty handed and he'll maybe understand!

Oh,have you tried Nike Tempo shorts? At 5'8" and 140lbs, I can go with either a S or M and they let my thighs run free :)

robert said...

We definitely should go out and ride at some point. It'd be nice having company. Can anything be done to salvage Kansas at this point? I'll email you, hopefully we can work something out.