Tuesday, March 31, 2009

IM New Orleans 70.3

In general, last minute travel just stresses me out. Especially lasty minute work trips. I mean really, when you're flying hundreds of miles to talk business and show your skills, shouldn't there at least a little bit of though and pre planning that goes into it? Grrr...

Here I am at work today, minding my business and doing my job, getting ready and tying up loose ends before I fly out Thursday, when who wanders into the office? But Stu himself. How cool is that? And if it's cool enough to get to chat with Stu, who is pretty funny very friendly top-notch guy, I get invited to help out and sit in on his podcast from New Orleans!! Woah. He's interviewing and chatting with some of the big names of the tri world.....Chris McDonald, Heather Gollnick, Linsey Corbin, and just to name a few!!! This made my day. Yes, of course, I would LOVE to sit in on this podcast like a starstruck teeny-bopper at the opening night of the latest of Zac Effron flick. No, no, trust me, it's no inconvenience. It's really pretty friggin exciting that I get to rub elbows with the athletes that I repsect, cyberstalk (a little) anduse for inspiration.

So if you're in the New Orlean's area stop by and say hi! I'll be there all weekend representing Saris and CycleOps and soaking up the Iroman-y goodness!

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Lora said...

Katie, THAT IS COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a spectacular time!

- Lora