Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Frostbike and all things PINK

I feel like I should at least get a t-shirt that says "I went to Frotbike 09 and all I got was this lousy case of the bird flu."

Ok, maybe I got more than a raging case of the want to stay in bed, can't swallow, not even thinking about training today, bird flu, but that my friends is the more memorable.

Second to that comes to mind the weirdo staring at me while I was running like a hamster in the hotel fitness room. What's this you say? So Saturday morning, before my case of black death set in, I got up at 6am to log a little quality tready time (you know, keep CoachE happy). In case you missed out my last treadmill run, the not so skinny of it is thatI am not sexy ledy when I am grunted out mt runs. There's no make up and no casual pony tail tossing. I am all about getting down to business and sweating my way through the run. Well this is no different at 6am. Here I am chugging along trying to get a couple of miles out of the way before the long day, and along comes Mr Creeper with his coffee. Mr Creeper proceeds to stand directly in front of me in the window (thus obscuring my view of the vacant, and need of a good cleaning, pool) and sip his coffee while staring straight at me. To give you a better idea, Mr Creeper was probably mid-40's, balding with a hottie comb-over, and dressed all in black. Black turtleneck tucked into his black dress slacks, paired with some black shoes and a black belt. Yes, I had time to look, he was staring! He stood there for a solid 5 minutes. IT. WAS. WEIRD.

Anywho, back to the show. I got to touch base with some cool peeps, hob know with some of the other vendors, and oggle lots of gear. Here's a few of my fav's....

QBP has rolled out (excuse my punn-iness) a new line of components known as All City, and here's my favorite part:

I bet you can't guess why I love them?? I'm thinking those might need to come home to me and be a part of the Pinglespeed. Not the Pig, the recently acquired 29'er singlespeed from the running buddy, but the almost as awesome single speed road bike I had custom painted last summer but never finished assembling....Taz, you know the one, you pressed the headset for me.....yep, still no wheels for that cutie. Maybe these are the winners tho.

Then there was this PINK-afied beauty.

The frame may not be pink but the over all look is delicious. I even dig the polka dot wheels. And it was sporting the same pink and white star grips the Pig is wearing. Put now I want the pink crankset for the Pinglespeed, which already has a perfectly good never used crankset, but this one's pink....

So maybe loving this little gem is a conflict of interests, but hello, its just so cute! And when I'm cruising around on the Pinglespeed I don't need power, so why not streamline it while a pink cylce computer? Shhhh....just don't tell my boss... ;)

And the show stopper, if I do say so myself, the new Saris T Bones. Hitch rack extraordinaire, this bad boy comes in at like 12lbs, schleps 3 bikes around town, has a quick release that lets you pop it off the hitch and take it inside (garage, house, or in my case TINY apartment) and put it on its included base and use it as storage. Yeah, its just THAT cool.


GenghisKhan said...

Sorry, I got stuck on "Pinglespeed"--did you really say that?! ;o)

KatieTri's said...

I sure did!! :)

There was some debate as to whether it should be named the Pinklespeed or the Pinglespeed...but really, Pinglespeed just rolls off your tongue so much better.

GenghisKhan said...

Okay, yeah, you said it and sounds like you love it, so great! And yes, "Pinglespeed" rolls off one's tongue better and don't we all want our bikes to roll better, no matter from whence they are rollin'?! ;o)


L. said...

My tendancy is to have flipped that guy off, but I've been praying for strength to not be so crude, so I would have shrugged my shoulders, lifted my hands and made a mad face like, "What's your problem?"

Scary, I know.

Feel better soon!

L. said...

Pinglespeed and Specialfries were my favorties. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

Are you on GOTRIbal, too? I'll have to look for you over there. I love the potential this site has.

Have a great night!