Friday, July 18, 2008

Murphy's Law Strikes Again

It really is no surprise that my mom nicknamed me Murphy at a very young age. Seriously though, I have spent my entire life proving Murphy's Law.

So I found out this morning that something went awry with my Pigman Registration (from months ago) and somehow I am now on the wait list. The "if someone cancels we'll try to squeeze you in" list. Great. Just friggin GREAT! So what do I do now??

Well at this point I plan to continue to train and hope like hell it all works out in my favor. But do I also register for another race just in case/potentially in addition? There's Lake Geneva....but it happens to be the Saturday before IM WI which I had planned to be at to support my friends and teammates. Grrr-umbe!!

That's right, it could go wrong, and it did.

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