Saturday, August 11, 2012

That's What Friends Are For

 My long time BFF Jamie lives in NYC, and while I love NYC, I don't get out there nearly as much as I'd like.  She's had a rough 2012.  Family drama, breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, moving, and so on...  So I decided it was time to pull out all the stops for her 30th birthday and make my way, unbeknownst to her, to the big apple. Luckily for me, she is still friendly with her ex-bf and he was more than willing to be my accomplice in getting me to NYC, into her apartment (hello! he overnighted me a copy of her apartment keys), and to her office with out her knowing. Muhahaha!!

First stop: NYC Bagel & Shmear
One direct flight later I was making my way from the airport to her apartment in Astoria.  While I was able to smuggle crepe paper and streamer and signs and balloons in my carry on, I thought TSA might oppose to helium.  

Side note: TSA didn't seem the least bit intrigued by the 100 balloons I had in my carry on, but did stop me to inspect my bun because of the bobby pins holding it in place...random.

A little research showed me that there was a party supply store a few blocks from Jamie's place. Score! And much to my complete astonishment, things were actually cheaper there than here in Madison. Double Score!!  20mins later I was making my way back to Jamie's apartment, in the wind and rain, with two-dozen helium balloons in tow.  I was dodging trees and fences and angry NY'ers just hoping that everything made it back in one piece...Don't worry, me and all 24 balloons made it.
By now it's noon'ish so I had to get my butt in gear.  I knew that, allowing for get lost time, I needed to leave her place at 5 to make it into Manhattan to her office by 6, which meant I needed to start getting ready around 4, which only left me 4hrs to decorate and nap. Decorating, in the heat and humidity that NYC calls summer, was not as easy as planned.  Tape didn't want to stick, balloons fought back, and I was a sweaty mess by the time it was all said and done!!  It will shock know one that after the decorating was accomplished I took a nap, sans pants, in front of the fan.

The final product.
After my pant-less power nap I had to think creatively to turn this midwestern gal into a sophisticated New Yorker. Who am I kidding. I totally stood out.  But I didn't get lost, I didn't have to ask for directions and I navigated it all in heels. FTW.

I roll into Jamie's office around 5:45 and convince the receptionist to call her up to the front desk without telling her it's me.  Sneaky, sneaky.  So Jamie comes up there, expecting a package, on her cell phone to find me.  And what does the stinker do? Continue her conversation on the phone. Granted it was a mutual friend, and she was talking about how confused she was that I was there, but still!

Eventually she got off the phone, gave me a hug, and the giggling and gossiping commenced.

From there we went to meet 20 or so her fancy NYC gals out a a nearby restaurant for apps and drinks. The restaurant messed up the reservation, so rather than have the roomy prime party table upstairs, we ended up squished into a little booth/room downstairs.  Not the best for conversation, but the food was tasty and the cocktails were delicious. Regardless of the minor setback, I'd say fun was had by all--especially the birthday girl.

                             BIRTHDAY GIRL!!

Best Birthday Present EVER!

I was only in town for a few days, and seeing as Jamie had no idea I was coming, she had to work.  C'est la vie--NYC has plenty a girl can do!

I spent Thursday afternoon roaming Manhattan with a friend of Jamie's--running errands, window shopping, going for lunch.  Thursday night someone had a hangover, Jamie, so we laid low. We went for dinner at a nearby restaurant and then proceeded to watch hours of the Olympics in our pajamas. Not a bad way to spend an evening with the BFF you rarely get to see.

Friday I spent much of the day being lazy hanging out with her cats, lovingly nicknamed Moo and Roach.
That night we gorged ourselves on sushi before meeting my accomplice/her ex-bf for beers at the Astoria Beer Garden.  BTW, this beer garden is pretty much the coolest place ever.  Great beer selections, good food, both of which are reasonably priced, and they were showing the Olympics on an absolutely gigantic jumbotron outside.  

The next morning I had my third, and final NYC bagel of the trip, and headed home.

A whirlwind trip, but worth every bit of it.  <3 font="font">

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Diana C said...

That is awesome! Way to surprise your best buddy! I expect nothing less from such a fantastic person as you. :)