Monday, August 13, 2012

Race Recap: Mama Goose 5k

I had the pleasure of having Matt as a counselor at a summer camp I ran many moons ago.  During that summer, I was continually amazed at Matt's kindness, generosity, work ethic and compassion for others--the sort of values you know are instilled by wonderful parents.  As the summer when I learned that Matt's mother had been battling cancer for several years, and the prognosis was continually up and down.  Matt's mother Peggy, on the rare occasion she stopped by camp, had a way of bringing warmth and happiness to the room despite all of her personal battles.

A year or two later, Matt's mother Peggy lost her long time battle with cancer.

I'm sure there was grieving and heartbreak in the family and friends, but rather than let cancer have the final say in their family, Matt started a memorial run in his mother's honor.  And so the Mama Goose Memorial Run was born.  Running has always been a passion and source of accomplishment in Matt's life, so it made perfect sense to combine two things he loved dearly.  Every August the race in run in Peggy's memory and money is raised for the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

I feel blessed to know a soul as kind and compassionate as Matt and know that his mother is incredibly proud of the man he's become.


While of much lesser importance, I suppose it wouldn't be a a race recap if I didn't share how it went.

The weather was beautiful--much milder than it has been, probably mid-60's at race time.  The course this year was a 5k jaunt through a neighborhood in Verona that I had never been to.  The pavement was great, the hills were rolling but manageable and the 200+ participants were friendly and happy.

I warmed up before the race with little .5m jog to loosen up my legs because I have actually learned that I run/race better on warm muscle (duh).  Things kicked off at 9am with a very official '3, 2, 1, GO!'

My goal was sub-31:00.  And no walking, no matter the size of the hill.  After all of the running and speed work coachie has me doing I wasn't sure how things would play out.  Quite honestly, my legs felt awful.  Like bricks.  Heavy, tight, sore, angry. AWFUL.

I was pleasantly surprised that more often than not when I glance down my pace was in the mid-9:00's, a pace I NEVER run.  For much of the race I was keeping pace, or within a few strides, of skinny high school runner girl which in and of itself felt like an accomplishment.  But wouldn't you know it, as we neared the finish line that bow-legged lassie pulled away. Drats.

I still finished strong, with a nice little kick in the final .1m.  All and all I am quite pleased with myself.  :)

Unofficial Garmin Time: 28:42

Mama Goose 5k Final Results:

 88/142 OA

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