Thursday, June 7, 2012

#RagnarCHI 2012

Oh hai. HI. Remember me?  I've been on a  bit of blogging hiatus these days, sorting things out, living life, etc.  But how can I not come out of hiding to tell you about Ragnar Chicago, which is finally here!!

In little more than 8hrs Team Awesome will be descending upon our casa for an evening of van decorating, carbo loading and camaraderie.  For some of us it will be a long overdue reunion, for others it will be the first time we meet.  Other way, it will be awesome.  Team Awesome.  And by the end of this crazy ride we will all be the best of friends.  Or the worst of enemies.   However it shakes out, it will be epic. And AWESOME. Obviously

Yes,  I have been dying for an appropriate time and place to use this cheer since, like, high school cheer camp.  And if I could find an indiscriminating pic of myself as a high school cheerleader I would totally post it. But since I was high schooler before the interwebs exploded and picture all went digital, thankfully those things don't exist.  :)

But I digress. Story of the day. Back to Team Awesome.  If you're interested in following this weekend's #RagnarCHI action, Twitter is the place to be. Seriously, get on it if you're not. And if you're on it go ahead and give @TeamAwesome12 a follow.  While you're at it, go ahead and give my awesome teamies a follow too:

And if you're reading my blog and not following me, @katietris, then you are missing out.  It's like an inside look into the snark and sass of my life, with gratuitous puppy pictures, and some running. End shameless self promotion.

OH! And in case you are a procrastinator like me and are still packing, or trying to figure out what to pack, head on over to Blognar, the official blog of Ragnar, for the little something I wrote about packing. What? More shameless self promotion? Yeah, it happens. It is my blog after all. :)

Training off, RACE ON! 


Kirstin said...

This sounds awesome! I totally want to do this in the future. Can't wait to hear all about it.

ChelseyKelsey said...

I just saw this. Why did you not teach us your cheer at dinner?

Ara said...

I now follow all of your teammates on Twitter. :) I loved reading all of your tweets during your Ragnar. Wanna fly out to Utah & do the Ragnar out here this weekend? We need another runner. ;)