Thursday, February 2, 2012


This morning was Day 6 of shredding for me. I'm no math wiz, but as it has taken me almost 2wks to rack of 6 days of shred it's pretty obvious that I am not doing the full 30 day challenge. At least not this time around.

When I first started following the #30DayShred progress of my Twitter peeps I was all set to jump in. Let's do this! If I can trim down a few inches, build some muscle and maybe even shed a few pounds in 30 days, I'm in. But then I realized that I was attempting to juggle my first ever marathon training plan and (some) strength training, work, life, home reno's, puppies AND the 30 day challenge? Yeah, seems a bit much. Especially the strain of the AM shreds and PM runs on my calves. I had to rethink my strategy. I decided this time around that I would incorporate shredding into my weekly workout regime without putting the pressure on myself to do it every day. I also had no idea how my body would handle this or what I was getting myself into. I feel good about my decision.

That being said, am I seeing the results that other people have? No, probably not. Do I feel the burn, and sweat and grunt my way through each workout? Definitely. As horrifying as it might be should I bite the bullet and take some measurements and track my progress? Probably.

What I have noticed is that the days I wake up and workout before work I feel more awake and energetic in the morning. Sometime I even skip coffee (today was not a good day to do that...). Between the running and the shredding and the conscious food choices (sometimes) I am feeling better about myself. I don't know if my clothes are fitting any different or if I look leaner and meaner, but I feel better so there's that. And it may only be my imagination, but I am fairly certain my butt looks better in my lulu crops already. :)

I will say that post marathon I am planning to buckle down for the FULL 30 day challenge so I can be high and tight for swimsuit and shorts season. Did you hear that junk in the trunk? I'm coming for YOU!

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Renee said...

I'm still trying to decide how to fit it in with my training. I don't think 30 days straight is right for me with my running right now. I think it would be fine if i weren't running, but I don't want to over do it.