Friday, April 29, 2011

Under the Weather

Here I am, slouching at my desk, feeling pretty miserable. (Hey bossman, what's up! I am totally breaking the rules, blogging at work. Sorry!) My poor little immune system resisted the department plague as long as it could before succumbing to the bug.

It hurts to swallow, I can't hear, my head feels like it is full of cement. Seriously, I am sick. AND whinny. Whatever.

I have been a trooper this week. I've made birthday treats because well Ryan turned the big 3-0 yesterday and treats were needed. I've dined with dealers because they were in town. I got up early to attend a fundraiser breakfast. I've gotten up in the middle of the night to let the damn puppy out.

All of these things aside, you know what really chaps my ass? Tomorrow is CrazyLegs. And I'm sick.

Yes I would like a cheese with my wine.

Prior to Tuesday of this week, with the plague set in, I've been running and feeling good. I've been making progress not only in form, but in speed. I was confident that I could finish CrazyLegs and feel okay doing it. I had times goals in mind. And now, I'm not even sure I am up to running tomorrow.

Especially with a forecast like this:

Rain, seriously? It's like Mother Nature is mocking me!!

Do I attempt to muscle through the run? Be wet, and cough-y, and miserable for 5miles? Or do I throw in the towel, sleep in and be bummed that I missed CrazyLegs? Ughhhh.

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Lora said...

Good grief your forecast looks like ours in Ohio. Bleh! I vote for sleeping in.