Monday, March 28, 2011

How Yesterday's Run FAILED

Man alive was yesterday's run AWFUL. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would simply stay in my pajamas. On the couch. With the dogs. And it didn't just suck balls for one reason, there were like eleventy hundred reasons.

The first of which was a MAJOR outfit malfunction. Thank the little baby Jesus that I follow the "nothing new on race day" rule and tested out my new Skirt Sports capris at the Y. I put them on at home and stretched and wiggled around. The cut was cute and flattering, functional little hip pockets, it seemed good. I bought these in the same size as all my other SkirtSports clothing, which fit great and I LOVE, so I never thought these would be so awful. I should've given more thought to the fact the waistband kept rolling and bunching, but I didn't. I book it over to the Y, hop on the treadmill and instantly knew this was not going to work. With every step the waistband was rolling and inching down. Like unflatteringly, uncomfortable, dangerously creeping down. I spent the first several minutes pulling and adjusting. I even tried jacking them up dangerously close to camel-toe territory. If I wasn't so uncomfortable I would have actually been embarrassed to be doing this in public. Ugh, fml.

Second, I forgot my inhaler. Most of the time this wouldn't be a deal breaker but I have been hella congested lately. I'm not sure if it's a touch of a cold or my allergies starting to rear their ugly head, but my sinuses are like concrete. Aerobically I've been feeling pretty good so I didn't think it would be a problem, but I was wrong. The fact I came into the warm gym from the cold outside probably had a hand in it, but I was wheezing from the word go.

Third, after the Shamrock Shuffle I took 2wks off. Not purposely. Not recovery time. Just travel for work, everyday life and exhaustion got in the way. When you work 5 12hr+ days in a row its hard to motivate yourself to do a whole lot more. Did I mention that these 12hr days were out of town and over the weekend? I was overworked, sleep deprived, the house was destroyed, there was laundry to do AND a new puppy. Oh, and it's still cold out. Where the hell is sprnig already!!!! Yeah, that's like a quadruple whammy! I realize these are all excuses, wah wah wah, but whatever. Life happens. And sometimes when life happens I just don't make it to the gym.

Finally, no music. I realize many people tun without music but I just can't do it. At least not inside at the gym. Outside, or with other people, no probolem. Inside, on the treadmill, in the noisy smelly gym, no friggin way. The iPod was DEAD which super pissed me off as soon as I got there. For reals, this relatively new iPod has little top no battery life and it never has. Drive me CRAZY!!! My back up was my iPhone...except that I never took the time to load music on to it. FAIL. So instead I deciede to stream Pandora...except that it kept cutting in and out. At out point I *almost* threw my phone at the window. But them I'd be the crazy girl not only sporting a camel-toe and holding up my pants, but throwing a public tantrum. And I'd have a broken iPhone and no moolah to replace it.

So it was at that point, approximately 17minutes and 1.2 miles into my run that I got off the treadmill.

And that is how my run failed in every way possible yesterday.


Belle said...

I think the only thing you missed was falling down! I hope it goes better tomorrow.

jjwright said...

Oh man I have TOTALLY had those kind of runs too! Good to get them out of the way once in a while and get back on track! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can't do the treadmill without an ipod either, it's mental torture.
At least you know your next run has to be better!