Monday, August 2, 2010


Yep that pretty much describes my day. I have a headache. I should be sent home in case it's contagious...

Where have I been? Besides on Twitter, duh.

Well, between Restaurant Week and work and a mini-break to Chicago I kind of fell off the blogging-bandwagon last week...and this week AND next week is certainly not going to be any week. Blech.

I certainly had a better attitude and things I am thankful for last week. I even mentally wrote my post while biking home from dinner on Thursday. It was going to the be Late Night/3 Cocktail addition. But then I got home and fell asleep pretty much immediately. Oops.

Oh! And Fat to Fit was a giant FAIL last week. I mean, I am walking way more and biking places more than I have in months, but there was a 1# gain last week. I blame PMS. And junk food, let's be honest. Tomorrow I meet with the PT for the first time and on Thursday I see the doc again, so I am optimistic that between the two I will get the green light to transition to running by September. Cross your fingers (and toes) because this girl wants to go to Vegas!

Let's not poo-poo my Chicago mini-break either. That deserves a post all its own. Maybe I'll be able to squeak that out while watching The Bachelorette season finale tonight (go Chris!). But let me tide you over with tidbits like lost in the ghetto, Transformers 3, and Blue Man group. Yeah, it was a swell time.

My lunch has come to an end...and as I would rather stay on the boss-man's good side I better scoot.Publish Post



IronBri said...

Yay! Finale tonight- gotta make sure I'm home from the pool in time!
How was Chicago- I keep seeing stellar places to eat on the Food Network and I am dying to go.

I'm also looking at Vegas too. Although, the Seattle Half is the weekend before....hmmmm.

No more blah. Monday is over. Think positive thoughts about the PT and Doc.

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very good.