Sunday, July 11, 2010

WORS # 6

Saturday we drove up to Minneapolis for a night away and stayed at The Westin downtown. It use to be a bank so it has this old school very uppity and regal interior. Very swank and posh. The restaurant and bar on the first floor were aptly named, Bank, and they even recycled the old safe to now serve as a wine cellar. The pool and hot tub were this ultra sleek all stainless shiny room on the 3rd floor. Very hip.

We wandered down Nicollet Mall for dinner and ended up at Barrios. Yum. Fabulous guac, crab empandas and cocktails. To borrow from krittabug, NOM NOM NOM.

Sunday: Chippewa Valley Firecracker

We'll skip right over the traffic and detour that almost caused a mini-meltdown for W and fast forward right to the event. Because we totally made it there with time to spare.

You know it's going to be epic when you pull up to see not one, but two ambulances leaving. (Turns out one guy had a heart attack while riding and other dude broke his arm riding into a tree. Hope they're both doing ok...)

Anywho, WORS, as always, put on an excellent race. Being this was my first boot-free race this season I was super stoked to get to limp out onto the course and watch some of the race. It was dry and fast, and there were quite a few times I thought someone was going to careen off the course directly into me and Ladybug but that never happened. The most I saw was a dude miss the course and going into the bushes, breaking and losing his chain.

And I am happy to report W did not finish last! Go get 'em tiger!
Before the race
At the start
The corner I thought so many were goign to wash out on
And Ladybug, just cause she's cute.
(and shush, I tried several times to rotate the picture and it always loaded it this was. So tip your head or monitor and don't complain.)

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