Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life from the sidelines

So this is what it's like to ride the pine pony. I sit here, on a rock, and watch others frolic and have fun. Literally, I am perched on a rock watching the WORS race. Not that I really want to be hauling my arse up the ski hill on a bike, but it sure would beat being cast-bound sittin' on a rock.

Wyatt and Ryan are out "racing" today and I am the ICE contact on site. I am thinking of taking my place in the van and watching some Glee.

That's just the bad sport in me coming out. I don't really mean it. I want to watch them race. In fact I would love to be able to chase them around the course with a cowbell and extra bottles of water and actually cheer them on. But I am on crutches. Crutches + ski hill = IMPOSSIBLE. I know the wrestler on The Bachelorette scaled a mountain (or whatever) just to get some one on one time with Ali, but I'm just not that tough. Or dedicated.

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