Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday 13

1. The majority of my time and energy these past few weeks has been dedicated to bathroom remodeling...and as I type this, it's still not done!  The goal is to have it finished by the weekend.  Cross your fingers!!

2. If I never again have to remove wallpaper that would make me a very VERY happy girl.  But if I do, or should anyone ask, fabric softener works wonders. Nay, miracles!

3. This week has been my first week back on a bike since, well, a long time.  Long enough that I'm not sure when my last ride was.  And I only got on a bike this week because it was work related.

4. I miss exercise endorphins.  The days that I have ridden this week I felt like a much more together girl, more like the person I was 6 months ago and less like the stressed out basket case I have become.

5. Next week, in fact one week from today, we are jet-setting to visit one of my bestest girl friends Jamie.  I am so excited.  

6. My foot/ankle still hurts.  On the infamous 1-10 pain scale, I would stay I am still hovering around a solid 5 all the time, with occasional forays into the 6's and 7's.  My insurance DENIED the pre-authorization of the Prolotherapy and PRP.  What's the next step?  I don't know.

7. I want to start planning out my 2010 race schedule, but I hardly know when I will be able to start running again.  And seeing as I had my sights set on a run focused year (half marathons and a  fall marathon) I don't know what to do.  Grumble.

8.  My weight has officially reached the point that I do not want to get on a scale. Nope, won't do it.  It's not like my clothes don't fit, I haven't gotten to that point yet, they just don't fit like they use to.  Or I want them to.  I just need to find some sort of exercise that I actually like doing (and am allowed to do) and get at it.  End of story.

9. I'm not sure I understand all the New Moon hype.  I guess that has to do with the fact I never saw Twilight.  I've been told I will be seeing both and soon.  Ok, I guess I have some vampiring to do.

10. Have you ever been given the most off the wall unsolicited advice?  The kind of advice that makes no sense?  It's be like me, the vegetarian, telling the meat eater what red meat tastes best.  Yeah, that's the non-sensical mumbo-jumbo I'm talking about.

11. Insomnia has definitely set it.  I think it's a combination of things, but the end result is a serious brain numbing lack of sleep.  I'm awake and thinking about all sorts of everything at night because I can't shut my brain off and sleep.  During the day I am a barely functioning version of myself.  I think that brings me back to #4 and #8.  I need me some exercise.

12. I turn another year older this weekend.  For oh so many reasons I just don't seem to care about it though.  Like, another year has gone by and what have I accomplished?  How have I grown and become a better person?  What do I have to show for another 365 days gone by?  Not enough to celebrate.  And then there's the disaster that was last year's birthday.  The last thing I want is to relive that debacle.  Let's call the whole thing off.

13.  I promise to be a better blogger.  I will write more.  It will have meaning, or at the very least be entertaining, and it will happen on a much more regular basis.

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