Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 13

This has definitely not be a rockstar week for me, and after getting no sleep last night I am full on sporting my cranky panties this morning. Proceed with caution....

1. Do you ever feel like what you really want is right there, but just out of grasp? That for every step you make towards it, you end up making many many steps back? Like you are stuck. STUCK! Yeah, that's kind of what's on my mind lately.

2. My Sports Med doc wants to take drastic measures in regards to my non healing foot. Seeing as PRP is definitely not covered by my insurance, he wants to try Prolotherapy. My insurance is likely to cover 50-60% of the 1000+ treatment, which leaves me to come up with a nice chunk of change. And it may or may not work. AND this therapy has NOT previously been done on the posterior tibial tendon. Hmmmm. I'm not sure I understand all this or like my odds...or the price tag.

3. Meanwhile my physical therapist (who ROCKS!!! I'd tell you here name, but I don't want to share her) is pretty skeptical of Prolotherapy. She's decided to try Iontophoresis instead to get the pain and swelling down. Hence the battery powered foot pic on my blog the other day. It seems to be working. But is this just a temporary fix or is it going to get the job done?

4. The house is still not unpack or organized and this OCD gal is starting to twitch.!! I cannot handle the boxes, the mess, the not knowing where things are stashed. Grrr.

5. Missing money. As in $322 of my money is MIA. We're not talking the twenty dollar bill I may or may not have spent at the bar the other night, but really thought I came home with. We're talking a lot of moolah in my world. I don't just lose hundreds oh dollars. I will even own up to poor math skilz and losing like a hundred of dollars in poor subtraction. Bu this is not the case. So put it back. Because if I have to face the humiliation of some teeny bopper cashier handing me back my card and snickering that its declined I am going to lose it. I've been told this opps of a transaction has been fixed (as of like 10mins ago) so we'll see if the ATM can confirm this fact at lunch.

6. I didn't sleep well last night because of the stress of the above situation and am feeling pretty much like a useless zombie at work. I;m am staring listlessly at the monitor, mouth agape, just waiting for the day to come to an end so I can resume staring blankly at my tv at home.

7. We had epic plans to camp and climb this weekend. Ok I'd be belaying and observing the climbing part because, well, I'm still a gimp. It was suppose to be chill-lay, but manageable. But instead the forecast is now for a mix of rain/freezing rain/snow for the majority of the week, Yuck, double yuck! Every time I get excited about something it falls through. Maybe I will set up my tent in the dining nook and start something on fire in the kitchen just for effect....

8. This is the first time ever in my life I am just not excited about Halloween. I thought that going to the punkin farm and picking out a punkin or 2 would do the trick, but alas, it did not. I just don't seem to care this year. I don't know what I would be, I don't know where I would go. I'm just not getting excited about any of it.

9. I've been given the green light to get on trainer and ride for 20-30mins at a time now AND that swimming (as long as I don't push off the wall) is ok! Woo Woo! 2 of my least favorite activities are ok to do again! Smell like chlorine and go nowhere on my bike. Did I mention I have a sassy attitude today?

Let's wrap it up with some good news...

10. My friend Natallia is in town with her beautiful baby girl Katia. I am so excited to see her and meet Katia. :) I love babies, especially when I get to hand them back to their parents.

11. Wyatt comes home tomorrow (finally....) and is traveling locally next week!! That means a week and half with him around. What's a girl to do? :)

12. I came across a recipe for S'mores pie. If I can't roast marshmallows at least I can eat S'mores pie! MMMM!

13. 6wks to the day I will be jet setting to NYC for some much needed vacay with my girl Jamie. Can I get a heck yeah?!?


Anonymous said...

A friend of ours had prolotherapy done on his inflamed achilles tendon. Didn't work for him, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you for you foot. Our bodies are all different in how they react to different treatments.

He said the needle is not something you want to eye before having it done. So if you decide to get it done, don't ask to see the needle.

Sorry the foot is being such a pain and not healing.

hang in there.

IronBri said...

I insist you post your recipe for S'mores pie!!!