Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 13

1. The official close on the house is tonight! Pro: This gives me more than 3 days to move from the apartment to the house. Con: I get to move everything MYSELF while Wyatt is in Vegas.

2. Wyatt leaves for Vegas next week, and I think Pharmie said it best in reference to the Ironman wetsuit strippers "...those are the the ONLY strippers that I ever want you around!" Yeah, I am less than thrilled about this little "business" trip...

3. I don't understand Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. I would goes as far as to say I don't like them. At all. I mean really, it's not like once you get married you can no longer go out and drink and party and whoop it up with your friends. Married, dating, engaged, whatever, if you are in a committed relationship trying to use the Bachelor's "last night of freedom" as an excuse to do inappropriate things IS NOT OK. And a 5day Bachelor Party? That's just re-f'ing-diculous. Seriously.

4. We're headed up to the Fat Tire Festival this weekend in Cable WI, where Wyatt will take on the 40m race while I sit in a tent at the expo and do his job. How's that fair? Well I guess he did help me out pretty major down in KS earlier this summer....

5. I love fall! I love the sunny mild days, and the chilly nights. I love the colors. I love pumpkin patches and hayrides, corn mazes and the farmers market. I love fall camping and camp fires. Sigh...I love this time of year!

6. I cleaned out my bathroom in an attempt to start packing the non-essentials. What did I find? Like 15 tubes/vats/pumps of lotion all half full to empty. Some self tanning lotion (that smells awful), some straight up self tanner, some after sun lotion, various brands of hand lotion....I threw out A LOT!

7. I am going to miss my mini clothes line in my shower. It's just so convenient and perfect. Need to dry your wetsuit or swim suit? Use the clothes line in my shower! Hand washing your delicates? Hang them up on the clothes line in my shower! Come back soaking wet from an epic ride or run and don't want to throw the wet clothes directly into the hamper (because if you're like me, there's a good chance the clothes in the hamper will be there 2-3wks before washing). Dry 'em on the handy clothes line in my shower!!

I can't say that any more.... :(

8. I also packed an entire box (like 16"x16" box) full of training/racing supplements. Powders, gels, blocks, bars, pills......during and recovery. Wide variety of flavors and consistencies...holy cows. There are 101 ways to fuel yourself and I easily have at least 87 of them packed in that box.

9. I'm hoping to go visit one of my bff's over Thanksgiving weekend in NYC. I'm really hoping that it call comes together because I could use some quality girl time AND a vacation. Jamie? Did you read that? I WANT TO COME SEE YOU!!!!!

10. I need some sort of change. I'm not sure what it is, or what it will be, but I need one. I know that the move is a BIG change, and maybe that will appease the ants in my pants. Or maybe a new haircut....

11. I'm still struggling with, and feeling like a huge failure for, not making it to race day. I wonder constantly what I could've done differently. I whine alot (even more in my head that out loud) "whyyyy meeeeee?!" I'm just not over all this yet.

12. My ADD is out of control these days! I cannot seem to hold a train of thought or focus on anything. I'm thinking it's just stress and the overwhelming nature of life these days but this is getting obnoxious. For reals! Focus. Must focus.

13. I am stressed! Stressed out over my injury, stressed out by not being able to do anything because of said injury, stressed out over this whole move, stressed about Wyatt going to Vegas...stressed, stressed, STRESSED!!

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IronBri said...

1- Moving. Yuck. I just did that. My heart goes out to you.

3- I agree!!!

5- Pumpkin Pie!!!

6- This must be a girl thing. I did the same thing!

7- You need a drying rack. Check Target or WalMart. They conviently fold to flat when not in use, but open to provide multiple layers of hanging. And can be moved outside to the patio if stuff is really dripping!

10- Put the scissors down! I recently cut off my hair and miss it so. Bike helmets aren't the same with a tiny nub of a ponytail.

11 YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. I refuse to accept that. Because if not makig it to race day makes you a failure, then I am too. And I will not allow that as part of who I am. Things happen that are out of anyone's control. It's how you bounce back and kick some ass later that matters!

13- I just read somewhere that some levels of stress are actually good for us. They keep us sharp and mentally stimulated. I don't know how I feel about that. But let's go with it, k?